Step By Step Guide To Bodybuilding Mastery – The Mindset And Actions Of A Champion

1 bodybuilding step by step 265x300 Step By Step Guide To Bodybuilding Mastery   The Mindset And Actions Of A ChampionGet the expert coaching you MUST have to take your bodybuilding and training efforts to the next level.

In this step-by-step, extremely organized audio seminar course, your Coach Skip La Cour meticulously takes you through all of the physical, mental, emotional, and psychological steps that you need to earn the body you REALLY want. And, he does so in a manner that only a Seasoned Champion and Master Teacher can.

This type of coaching would normally cost you thousands of dollars. But, with the tremendous advantages that come with the internet, this audio seminar course is your for under $100.00!

Why re-invent the wheel and risk all of the frustration and overwhelm that challenges even those most determined lifters when you don’t have to?

“The Mindset and Actions of a Champion” Bodybuilding and Training Seminar Course Outline



Session One – The Mindset of Champion (2 hours and 29 minutes)

Learn twenty-seven (27) of the most-important SPECIFIC thoughts and actions of those men who WIN in their bodybuilding and training efforts. When you think like a CHAMPION and do what he does, you will finally start WINNING in your bodybuilding and training efforts at the level you REALLY want.

Session Two -Train Like A Champion (2 hours and 26 minutes)

Learn thirty-two (32) SPECIFIC reasons why a CHAMPION has the incredible ability to make ANY training strategy produce outstanding results. Adopt this mindset in the gym and start creating the body you really want.

Session Three – Eat Like A Champion (2 hours and 12 minutes)

Learn twenty-one (21) SPECIFIC reasons why a CHAMPION can make ANY nutritional program produce impressive results. Adopt this mental approach toward your eating habits and start building rock-hard muscle and shedding lingering body fat in a fraction of the time it is taking you now.

“I feel that, no matter where someone is in their journey, they can benefit from ‘The Mindset and Actions of a Champion.’ It’s fortified with lots of great information from a widely-known, accomplished World Class athlete and coach. I believe the strength of this program comes from the centralized purpose of simply helping others succeed. Each stage is structured, well-rounded, sincere, and provides fuel for the fire to find the focus needed and keep the momentum going. Now that I have successfully completed all the sessions, I’ll review them to help me stay inside the guardrails as I work towards my goals. Sometimes in life when emotions run high, it helps to have the voice and insight of Skip La Cour to think logically about dieting, workouts, and stay on the path to success.”

Hank “The Texas Tank” Uhlaender – Austin, TX

Session Four – The Structured Thoughts, Actions, and Lifestyle of a Champion (1 hour and 36 minutes)

Learn fifty-two (52) SPECIFIC ways a CHAMPION structures his day and gets himself to follow through with what he knows he needs to do to WIN. Adopt Champion-like structure to your bodybuilding and training lifestyle and you’ll start winning too.

Session Five – Goal-Setting Workshop – Champion-Style (2 hours and 29 minutes)

A Champion wins at an incredible level because of his outrageous standards, tremendously high expectations, and lofty goals. With what you’ve learned during the previous four Tele-Seminar sessions, you will NOW be ready to start going for what you REALLY want out of your bodybuilding and training efforts-instead of only what you’ve been settling for in the past. This goal-setting session will get you to finally think BIG, create an ambitious “target,” and enthusiastically shoot toward it.

“I want to take a moment to thank you for an amazing seminar, The Mindset and Actions of a Champion. I originally thought that this seminar would just be about taking my bodybuilding to the next level but I received so much more. This seminar has altered every area of my life, EVERY AREA! I feel like I have won the lottery with the amount of information that I have been given. Being able to go back and listen to the seminar any time I want is a huge plus as well because every time I listen to it, I learn something new that I missed the previous time. Look, this seminar was obviously intended for anyone who wants to succeed, not only in bodybuilding, but in life – period!”

Rich Bunnell – Plantsville, CT

Session Six – Successfully Integrating the Thoughts and Actions of a Champion Into Your Lifestyle (1 hour and 41 minutes)

Learn seventy-seven (77) of the most-effective, SPECIFIC strategies a CHAMPION executes for CONTINUAL physical, mental, and emotional growth. When you execute these champion-like strategies, you will enjoy CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT in your body’s appearance, your training intensity and productivity, your ability to follow through with good eating habits, and with your mental focus.

BONUS: Questions and Answers Session (51 minutes)

“’The Mindset and Actions of a Champion’ is another example of your outstanding service and products! I will listen to the program again and again. Thank you, Skip, for your dedication and service to bodybuilding, fitness and the mental side of this awesome sport!”

Paul Henning – Tallahassee, FL

What you get for only $99

  • Over 13 Hours of Comprehensive Audio Instruction
  • Convenient MP3 Audio Files
  • PDF Workbooks and Exercises
  • Organized Zip Folder for a Single Click Download


Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

quality garauntee Step By Step Guide To Bodybuilding Mastery   The Mindset And Actions Of A ChampionI’m so confident that you will find this audio seminar course far more of a value than the money that you’ve invested, your satisfaction is guaranteed. I’m offering a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you are not completely satisfied. All that I ask is that you go through the entire program, take notes throughout it, and fill out the exercises in the workbooks.