Day #20 Of The Mass Machine Training 10-Week Challenge – I’m The “Buff Dad You Never Had”


Day #20 of the Mass Machine Training 10-Week Challenge – I’m The “Buff Dad You Never Had”

Here’s what we discuss:

I’m The “Buff Dad You Never Had”

Struggling in one or more ares of your life? You CAN “crack the code”!

What are you finding most valuable about the time you are investing here?

Saturdays are for fitness professionals coaches. I have my own unique and incredibly effective brand of coaching that help you transition from Fitness Expert To Life Coach Step By Step.

The purpose is to help those people who are so damn PASSIONATE about the fitness lifestyle it’s just what their life is all about–and they LOVE helping other people reach their fitness goals too. The topics discussed will help fitness professionals and coaches–and especially those people who ASPIRE to be a fitness professionals and coaches someday and just need more clarity, certainty and confidence to STEP UP and GO FOR IT. !

Think Big.

Skip La Cour




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At the height of his bodybuilding career, he was the most recognized and accomplished drug-free bodybuilder in the world. His articles have been published in over 20 countries and translated into many different languages. He owns and operates Skip La Cour’s Mass Machine Nutrition, his high-quality sports nutrition and health supplement company. Through this website, Skip La Cour outlines the most effective and most efficient bodybuilding, training, fitness and motivational strategies for men striving to build muscle and lose body fat in the shortest period of time.

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