First, Figure Out The Meaning Of Life . . .


Comedian Steve Martin had a bit years ago where he promised to tell his audience how to make a million dollars and never pay taxes.

After tantalizing his eager crowd over and over again with this incredible, potentially life-changing information, he finally revealed this:

“First, make a million dollars and then . . . “

The crowd gasped with confused tightness before releasing it all in a burst of laughter.

If you didn’t catch the punch line to the joke because you never got a good visual interpretation of Martin’s performance, I apologize.

It’s that making the million dollars is the hardest part by far.

Well, how in the hell do I make the million dollars? That’s what people really wanted to hear. They could worry about the taxes later and probably wouldn’t mind paying their fair share if they could just figure out how to get their hands on a million dollars.

So, when you want to figure out how to find the perfect “Life – Work – Legacy Lifestyle” balance . . .

First, just figure out what you want the ultimate meaning of your life to be from this minute forward until the time your great-grandchildren are old and grey.

That’s all you need to do.

It’s pretty much that simple.

How much time you should spend enjoying life and with whom, what you should do for work and how much time you should spend working, and what you should and shouldn’t say and do every minute of your life from this day forward will be easy.

After you figure out the true meaning of your life, the rest will pretty much fall into place.

You’re welcome.

I’m sure I’ve been very helpful so far.

Now, I don’t claim to be the ultimate entrepreneur. In fact, I feel I’ve really had to buckle down and focus since I retired from competitive bodybuilding. I feel I’m behind where I want to be. You can never get time back in this lifetime. A disproportionate amount of my willpower, focus, energy, and time was invested into looking muscular, ripped, and extremely oily and tanned in my “banana hammock” (stage competition posing briefs) during some crucial years of my life.

I can tell you this about being an entrepreneur with absolute certainty: If you think you’re just going to choose a business path, put your head down, work hard for a little while, and achieve incredible success without a lot bumps, bruises, and changes in then original plan and direction, you’re in for a very rude awakening.

And, it doesn’t matter that you finally demonstrated a lot of courage and are a “good” person either.

Finding out the true meaning of your life is going to be just as challenging as a business venture, if not a lot more.

The very best experiences and very best things in life are reserved for those people who willingly and enthusiastically take on that challenge.

I’ll continue to tell you about how I’ve gone about things as we get to know each other in this blog.

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