How To Turn Your Pain Into Absolute POWER


Here’s a Six Step Process That Will Help You Use The POWER That’s Built Into The Negative Emotion of PAIN To Produce Positive Results In Your Life

“Focus on the positive,” we’re often told.

We’re taught to avoid pain because it’s “better” for us.

Many of us have become too good at this for our own well being. Not recognizing the pain that we’re allowing into our lives and actually causing ourselves is why we don’t use our time, energy, and talents to the fullest or with any sense of urgency.

“I’m doing better than most,” is what we rationalize to soften the pain of disappointment that we experience.

Well, the fear of pain is working “behind the scenes” in our minds, whether we want to recognize it or not.

If you don’t recognize the fear you have of potential pain that’s already going on or don’t know how to effectively handle it, you’ll squander a valuable resource that can help drive you forward and create the life you really want.

If you recognize what’s already going on and effectively use the emotion of pain, it can give you that extra little motivational “kick” when you are mentally, emotionally, and even physically tired. Being able to do this on a consistent basis will propel you forward to reaching your most ambitious goals.

It’s been said by experts that our motivations in life are twice as likely to be created by the emotions we are trying to avoid (pain) than the positive emotions that we often tell ourselves that we want to experience (pleasure).

Motivational speaker, Tony Robbins, talks about how both pain and pleasure drive every single human being to do the things that they do–and avoid doing the things they should.

Advertisers and marketers promise people a way out of the pain they’re consciously or unconsciously experiencing to make the sale.

Here’s a simple and effective 6-step process that can help you use the power of the negative emotion of pain to help you produce positive results in your life:

1. Brainstorm everything you fear most. First, come up with a list of AT LEAST 10 negative, painful consequences that you fear you’ll experience if you don’t do whatever it takes to reach your goals in life. We’re all different. What brings you pain won’t necessarily bring another person pain.

2. Rate these fears and potential pain on a scale from 1 to 10 in terms of emotional intensity. Not all pain is created equally. Not from person to person. Not even in our own minds. Rate them from 1 (not that big of a deal) to 10 (just thinking about this happening makes me sick to my stomach!) in terms of the emotional intensity you think they’ll bring you.

3. Use all 10 of these “sources of motivation” that you came up with in “real life” situations. When you need a dose of motivation during your day, test which ones work for you in practical application–instead of just in theory.

4. Re-evaluate their level of intensity. Rate them again on a scale from 1 to 10 now that they’re battled tested.

5. Pick out just the “Top 3” that trigger the most negative, painful emotions.

6. Print out your “Top 3” and post them in prominent places. Condition yourself to use them during those times you’re not motivated to push yourself as hard as you want. Reference your “Top 3” during those times when you’re mentally, emotionally, and physically tired or even flat out being lazy.

Taking yourself through this process will be an investment of your time and focus. It may even be a little emotionally draining. But, when you take these painful, yet extremely motivating, thoughts out of the subconscious part of your mind (where they are anyway) and bring them into your conscious thinking, you can use them to help produce the real positive results you want in your life for many years to come.

Think Big.

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