It’s The Struggle That Keeps You Strong


Are you “struggling” these days?

Maybe you have the whole “fitness thing” down–but you’re struggling these days because you want a helluva lot more out of life than just that.

Are you currently being challenged in other important areas of life?

Well . . . that’s AWESOME!

You’re in great company.

You don’t struggle until you venture outside of your mental, emotional, or physical comfort zone.

You don’t start tapping into your true potential as a human being until you get outside of your comfort zone.

You’re going to have to work your way out of your current, safe “bubble world” if you’re going to finally EARN the overall quality of life that you REALLY want.

It takes a certain level of BOLDNESS to get outside of your comfort zone–especially when you can just RETREAT back to what comes easily to you and what you know best.

Isn’t that what you tell your clients who “struggle” with their fitness efforts all the time?

It’s time for you to “walk your big talk” in those areas of life that challenge you outside of your fitness bubble.

It takes COURAGE to get outside of your comfort zone.

It takes INTELLIGENCE to look ahead and see that you simply aren’t doing yourself any favors in the long run by retreating back into familiar territory.

You’ve been doing that for too long already, haven’t you?

The GROWTH that you want doesn’t even begin until you are outside of that “bubble world” that you’ve been living in.

Embrace the struggle.

It won’t last as long as you might fear when you keep fighting through it.

With enough effort and time, you’ll become more equipped to handle this level of “testing” that life is giving you.

Well . . . until the next time you “struggle” at the new, higher, and even BETTER level and/or that new area of life that’s going to provide you with even more happiness and fulfillment than what you’re experiencing right now.

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