Do you remember when you first fell in love with bodybuilding and training?

Think back.

What was it about your new lifestyle that was so awesome? Who were you as a person back then? Who was your first training partner? What was the gym fashion back then? Which hairstyle were you wearing?

Who was the first person who asked you for advice? (YES!!!!) Which song reminds you the most about those incredible times? How many times did you read Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding?

Think back for a moment.

Feels good, doesn’t it?

It feels really good.

Magical, wasn’t it?

Simply magical.

I’ll never forget those four-hour Saturday workouts with my new gym buddies. We’d eat as much as we could at Sizzler afterward.

I really needed those experiences. They came at the perfect time in my life. I have a much better understanding why they were so magical to me now.

I will be forever grateful.

Time has flown by quickly. Too quickly.

Just think about how much you’ve grown physically, mentally, and emotionally since then.

Can anything compare to those special times that created the person you are today?

That’s a challenge sometimes.

Imagine if you could recreate the feelings, emotions, and experiences from that magical time in your life today.

What if you could surpass them?

Just imagine.

Just imagine if you could make that happen.

That’s my mission and want you to come along for the journey.

Set your entire life up like a contest (and win big there too!)

You’re just one “contest prep season” away from the life you really want.

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Skip La Cour

Skip La Cour is a coach, speaker, author, and entrepreneur. He is the creator of the MANformation Confidence and Leadership personal development program for men and was a six-time national champion drug-free bodybuilder. La Cour helps ambitious men understand and execute effective confidence, leadership, and influence skills so that they reach their biggest goals in life with more control, clarity, and focus. Feel free to email Skip at any time at [email protected] with your questions and comments. Or, call (213)973-8790.

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