Pick Your Spot

Choose that place in life where you really want to be.
Decide right now.
Who will you become?
What will a typical day like be for you?
Who will you spend your time with and how deep will those connections be?
How much passion will you feel in your body?
How much angst, confusion, and overwhelm will leave your mind and body?
Are you already noticing that internal “chatter” leaving you?
How awesome does that feel?
How will you feel about that man you now see in the mirror when you finally reach that spot?
See that man in the mirror right now.
Feel what it will be like to be that man in the mirror right now.
Close your eyes and know with absolute certainty that it’s not a matter of IF, it’s just a matter of WHEN.
Make sure you choose that spot where you REALLY want to be and not what you are willing to settle for.
No more settling, okay?
Getting to your “spot” may require a lot of hard work.
It make take some time.
Maybe even twice a much hard work and time as you might think right now.
But that’s okay.
You’ve finally reach your spot.
See? You were not wrong about you!
You may need more skills.
But, when you finally get to your spot, you know all of the effort was worth it.
It really won’t matter how long it took you to get to your spot once you’re there.
It really won’t matter how challenging it was once you finally get there.
All that will matter is that you reached that spot you decided on today.
Hold on.
You got this.
And, as you’ll know soon enough, it didn’t matter that you could not figure out to get to your spot before.
It’s not too late to be great.
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