Why The FUNDAMENTALS Are Going To Get You Where You Want To Go And Not The Cutting-Edge Training Strategies


This message is exactly what all of the TRUE MASTERS at what they do know deep within every cell of their bodies.

This message is what REAL PROFESSIONALS who really care about your success and have YOU in mind when they are sharing their “secrets.”

Now, this may not be what you are TAKING AWAY from what they are teaching you but that’s just because of how you are currently interpreting the information they’re presenting. That’s all.

You also may be getting the teachings of the TRUE MASTERS and REAL PROFESSIONALS confused with the up-and-coming, still-maturing people who are giving out fitness advice.

Or, who knows? Maybe you’re getting a different message from a self-serving, significance-driven person giving out fitness advice who lacks self-awareness.

I’m not really sure.

But I’m referring the the advice that you can really use to take your efforts both inside and outside of the gym to a higher level.


So what’s is the amazing advice?

Well, this message isn’t going to be groundbreaking.

This message isn’t going to be something that you are going to be able to impress all of your friends when then you pass it along.

It’s not going to make you appear to be a “brainiac” among your peers.

I know that this message is NOT what 95 percent of those people hoping to take their bodybuilding and training efforts to the next level (or their lives, for that matter) want to hear.

Not everything you read in the bodybuilding websites and social media about training and eating strategies are EQUAL IN IMPORTANCE.

As you strive to take your training, eating, and physical development to a higher level, you must learn how to distinguish between what’s important—and what is NOT.

The FUNDAMENTALS are going to get you where you want to go—not the fancy, exciting, cutting-edge, “revolutionary” training and eating strategies that seem to immediately grab the attention of those people looking for shortcuts.

Fundamentals are the building blocks.

Mastering the fundamentals is the key to your success.

Those people who succeed with their bodybuilding and training efforts have identified, focused on, and mastered the FUNDAMENTALS.

Those people who struggle haven’t even been able to identify what the fundamentals are.

There’s no need for you to put much energy into figuring out whether a barbell curl will build your biceps more effectively than a dumbbell curl; if brown rice is better to eat than white rice; how to “time” the ingestion of your nutrients throughout the day, or exactly how you should cycle your creatine if you are NOT showing up to the gym consistently and eating the way you already know you should.

And those are just two of the basic fundamentals that you need to really focus on—and I have dozens and dozens more examples!

You absolutely must take care of the fundamentals FIRST.

Only then can you move on to the more “complex” bodybuilding and training principles. And, only when you have effectively handled the fundamentals will the more complex strategies even make sense to you—let alone produce any significant results. Here are a few helpful tips after reading information of a bodybuilding or fitness website.

Ask yourself these three (3) questions:

1. How would I rank this information in terms of importance on a scale of 1 to 10? (10 = extremely important; 1 = maybe interesting—but not very important for where I am right now). You absolutely must understand that EVERY fitness expert will be extremely passionate and appear certain about the information he or she shares—so I am sure it will sound awesome to you. Don’t let that fitness expert’s passion and persuasive words take you off track.

2. Will this new strategy really produce any significant results if I am not executing the basic fundamentals? (i.e. showing up at the gym on a consistent basis; focusing while I am there; or eating the way I already know I should)? If not, hold off on putting the new plan into action until you have the fundamentals covered.

3. What exactly will I gain by adopting and implementing this new strategy—and abandoning the one I’m currently using? Put a SPECIFIC NUMBER on it (i.e. 10 pounds of more rock-solid muscle in the next year; 5 pounds less body fat; etc.). And, I’m not talking about if it would “feel better” to you! (I coach my students to NEVER use their feelings to guide them because feelings are UNRELIABLE, UNPREDICTABLE, and oftentimes IRRATIONAL.)

Let’s face it.

If taking this new direction isn’t going to produce anything more than making you “feel good,” then you might as well stick to the one you already have and put all of your willpower, focus, energy, and time into making this one work.

Here’s a novel idea.

Why don’t you save some of that precious and extremely limited amount of willpower, focus, energy, and time into “cracking the code” in to those other important areas of life that you openly admit you struggle in?

Man! I WISH I had this kind of valuable information available to me when I first started training. I had to learn to how make sense out of all the THOUSANDS of articles of other people OPINIONS all by myself. Just think of how much willpower, focus, energy, and time I wasted.

What happens when you look at all of the MASSIVE amounts of bodybuilding and training information like it is ALL equal in importance? You are overcome with frustration, overwhelm, and eventually quit altogether. I’ve seen time and time again in my many years of helping other people.

But how do you decide what is important with your limited amount of experience?

As your coach who has over 25 years of experience and a track record for winning, you only to emphasize what needs to emphasized. And ONLY what needs to be emphasized. That’s EXACTLY what I have done for you in my 13-hour audio seminar course Bodybuilding and Training MASTERY Step By Step “The Mindset and Actions of a Champion” that even comes complete with workbooks.

I’ve laid out everything for you in an organized and PRIORITIZED manner. This program teaches you how to WIN at your bodybuilding and training efforts. The massively important fundamentals of weight training, cardiovascular training, nutrition, nutritional supplementation, and the critical mental skills that you need are DRIVEN HOME to guarantee your SUCCESS!

Train Hard. Think Big.

Skip La Cour

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