What’s The “Right” Way To Measure Your Body Parts (like Arms, Chest, Legs, Ect.)?


Am I supposed to measure my biceps when they’re flexed? Where do I place the tape measure when I wrap it around my chest? Do I measure my legs at the very center of my quadriceps? Many people striving to improve their physiques miss the purpose of taking body part measurements.

bicep size main What’s The “Right” Way To Measure Your Body Parts (like arms, chest, legs, ect.)?The purpose of measuring your body parts should always be to monitor you own progress. With that being said, it DOESN’T MATTER exactly how or where you measure your body parts–as long as you are consistent. Measure them in the same place and in the same manner as you did last month or last year to see how significant your gains were.

If you think you need to know your measurements in order to properly compare your physique, training methods, and progress to other people, that belief may send you down the wrong path.
You don’t know exactly how other people measure their body parts. Their genetic bone structure may give them more impressive measurements–but not necessarily a more impressive appearance. The opposite may true as well giving you a false sense of accomplishment if your measurements are bigger. Less-than-stellar body fat levels can make a person’s measurements more impressive than they really are.

I haven’t measured my body parts since my first year or so of training (because that’s what all the rookies think is important). I don’t know what my body part measurements were in the peak of my bodybuilding career or what they are now. I learned a long time ago that those numbers are NOT how a high-quality and balanced physique that exudes an impressive illusion of the most size is constructed. And, as a competitor on stage, the judges don’t even know or give a s**t what your measurements are. 

Train Hard. Think Big.

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