When you are young and/or just starting off on your journey toward achieving some huge goal, it’s really flattering when someone who you respect tells you that you have a lot of potential.

Believing that you have a lot of potential pumps you up.

Believing that you have a lot of potential makes you feel good.

Believing that you have a lot of potential usually keeps you focused and working hard even during those times of when things aren’t working out very well.

But there will come a time when it becomes PAINFUL when someone tells you that you have a lot of potential.

That sudden shift in perspective will seem to sneak up on you and come out of nowhere.

The more time that goes by and the more work you put in without getting anywhere close to that potential, the less of a compliment those words will become.

It no longer feel like a compliment.

That word “potential” will now only trigger a lot of emotional angst and self-doubt.

“Do I really have what it takes to succeed?”

“Will I ever live up to my potential?”

“If I haven’t done it by now, what makes me believe I ever will?”

Maybe you’re already at that point in your life.

If you aren’t there yet, be prepared for it.

That day is coming.

In life, the bottom line is that you either do or you don’t do.

Potential doesn’t mean jacksh*t.

Potential unrealized is a tragedy.

Don’t get disappointed.

Don’t quit.

Just get mad.

Yeah, that’s right. Allow yourself to get mad.

And get to work.

If it makes you feel any better, I don’t know too many men who feel that they have totally lived up to their full potential either.

But the men who eventually win in life are the type of men who will do whatever it takes to get what they really want.

Ask yourself if you’re truly that type of man every single time you hear or read that dreaded word “potential.”

Turn your pain into power with your ACTIONS.

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