It’s Time To Finally Step Into My Big Shoes


When I first fell in love with the dedicated bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle many years ago, I was 27 years old. It wasn’t like I was some young, teenage kid and lifting was the only thing I knew about life so he just stuck with what he knew for this long.

I remember back in those early days and how I couldn’t wait to get to the gym after a long day of work. The dedicated bodybuilding lifestyle was everything to me back then. Even though it wasn’t until it much later in life did I fully understand exactly why I felt this way, it boggled my mind why everyone didn’t dedicate their lives to working out too.

I remember there was this one young women who trained in the same old-school, mostly men gym as I did. She was smart, well-educated trained hard, and carried herself nicely. I think I remember her even doing some grunting. Although she was also a fairly attractive women, all of the guys respected her as a person more than anything else. She really had a good head on her shoulders.

I remember talking to her one day while sitting next to her on a stationary bike. She was telling me about her challenges. Out of nowhere it seemed, she started sharing with me something her psychic told her.

Physic? This “smart” woman who I had so much respect for had a physic?

My brain scrambled to make sense out of this new it of information so it could stay consistent with my established belief that she “had a good head on her shoulders.”

She went on to tell me about how, in a past life, she was killed in war battle, and that experience was challenging her in this life.

I remember being completely stunned by someone who seemingly had so much going on for her would even entertain what a physic had to say, let alone, base any important decisions on what she was told.

But, I have to tell you, I was fascinated that she did and I had to find out why.

So, I got the physic’s phone number and scheduled a session.

Now, the more you learn about me, you’ll know that I’ve had some major trust issues in my life that, at that time, I wasn’t even aware of. So, this was a big move.

Her grunting in the gym must have been extremely influential.

The physic lived about an hour or so drive away from me. When I scheduled my “reading,” she gave me the option of meeting her in person or doing it over the phone.

To say I was highly skeptical of anything worthwhile coming out of this reading would be a gross understatement. So, because I wanted to be efficient with my time, I set up a phone reading.
After about a minute or so of silence and the physic doing a lot of deep breathing, she began.

“Our lives are continual journeys. Our goal is to make improvements to the way we lived our previous lives. This life for you is all about your physical body. In your past life, you lived a deep thinking scholar on important life issues. You were sort of like a secluded monk. You’re goal is work past that in this life.”

I was blown away.

At that time, I was about five years into my totally committed–and building up to get more and more secluded–bodybuilding lifestyle. I had won a few local and regional contests at that time and was just about to have my very first feature article published in a national muscle magazine.

How the hell can she know this? She must have been tipped off. She insisted that I didn’t tell her anything about me and the non-trusting me was certainly not going to offer here any information.

Did the woman in the gym tell her a little bit about me? But how much sense would that make? That would diminish her own belief in the value of her physic readings.

I really don’t remember too much more about what the rest of the reading was like after that, to be perfectly honest. I do remember thinking how that made so much sense to me.

Crazy, huh?

How I think. How I’ve always thought about things. How different my thinking was from most other people in my life. How I think too much. How many, many people in my life up until that point told me that I think way too much about things.

I don’t know how true anything the physic said to me about my life or past lives during that session. I do know this about myself, though. The total commitment to my physical body has never felt comfortable to me.

I believe my mission in life has always been much, much more important than just that.

I resisted breaking out of the “bodybuilder” identity for a very long time.

Too long.

Maybe it was because it’s the one thing that people around the world know me for best and, if you really think about it, how many things can you really be THAT good at in one lifetime?
I’m not sure exactly why I haven’t broken out of that identity sooner but I know that now is the time that I do so.

That’s what this Life – Work – Legacy Lifestyle blog is all about.

I hope you find value in it. If you don’t learn anything that can take your life to a higher level, well, I hope you at least find it interesting and entertaining enough to come back often for my insights on life.

Well, life as I see it from my perspective.

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