Find Your Ruby Red Slippers


I wanted to click my ruby red slippers and be over on the other side. If only it was that easy.

Growth is a journey. Oftentimes a painful one.

It’s impossible to arrive at a destination by being stagnant with complacency. I realized that I just had to be honest with myself and do the emotional work.

When all of the dust settles, you must honor your dreams by allowing yourself to carve out a path to being the person you truly desire to become.

Over mountains and through rivers, you will bond with your fears and become unbreakable, as long as you are true to your own truth.


About Author

Carrie La Cour

Carrie La Cour has over 13 years experience in the fitness industry as both a Personal Trainer and a Group Exercise Instructor. She has taught Spin, Sculpt, Aerobics, Yoga and Pilates classes. She competed nationally in Fitness and Figure competitions for six consecutive years. Carrie's primary focus is now on raising two children while maintaining her own fitness and creating a healthy lifestyle for the family. Carrie is passionate about helping other women reach their lifelong goals and takes a select number of coaching clients as her schedule permits.

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