How To Put Your Hard Work And Focus “On Steroids”



The single-mindedness needed when working toward a vision.

That’s what’s attractive about contest preparation, isn’t it?

All you think about is what you’re going to look like on that specific day at least 50 times a day.

What an awesome journey. Your challenges in life are pushed aside. They can wait. They must wait. You have something bigger and better in the works. You turn into a superhuman with incredible physical, mental, and emotional powers.

It’s addicting. Am I right?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could set up our entire lives like this?

Maybe that’s your plan. One goal. Focus. Intensity. The ability to block everything and everyone else out, if needed. Patience. Persistence. Get knocked down 9 times and get up 10. You get the idea.

This way of thinking works extremely well when you prepare for a contest. No doubt about it. You’d think that it would be just as effective to make more money and build deeper relationships too, right?

You’ve been mislead by a lot of passionate fitness people. It’s not your fault.

We’ve all been told that, if we can be successful as a competitor, we can be successful in life too. Yes, you can create an amazing life using the superhuman powers that you’ve already earned rep by rep; set by set; workout after workout; and meal after meal.

That message is far too general to be helpful. I believe it hurts most of us. I will have you entertain dozens of lessons you are probably applying to your life that you learned as a competitor that will not work.

Plain and simply. They’re not going to work in other areas of life.

If you haven’t been able to get as much success in life with this approach as you did as a competitive bodybuilder or fitness competitor, you’re not alone.

Block out what those people are trying to force down your throat. You’re not weak because you choose a better path. You’re not a quitter. You’re not lazy. It’s not that you just lack discipline.

Being what’s called a “systems thinker” might serve you better when you want to become your best off the stage.

What are systems thinkers?

Systems thinkers move quickly when they’re passionate about an idea, project, or journey. They do a lot of what’s called “A/B testing.” That means they try a few different versions of what others might see as the same thing to test which one is the best. They are flexible in their approach. We all understand that failure is an inevitable part of success. Unfortunately, a lot of it. If systems thinkers are going to fail, they are going to learn their fate sooner rather than later. They’re able to move onto what will eventually work quicker.

Contrast that approach to what it takes to become a successful, goal-oriented bodybuilding or fitness competitor. We spend a lot of time planning our next move. It’s important that we do so because of the work and sacrifice required. A/B testing? Doing the opposite is what makes us look our best on stage. What makes us successful while many others fail is that we’re able to lock down on our training and eating strategies and execute them with 100 percent certainty all the way to the end. Other competitors fail because they let themselves get overwhelmed with too much information. Once we’ve started the contest preparation, the last thing you want to do is be flexible and entertain several different points-of-view. We’re not going to know if our plan was the right one until after 16 to 20 weeks of hard work and sacrifice. It’s a slow and much-needed part of the process. After we take a few months off to evaluate, we’ll make some changes before we put our heads down for another 16 to 20 weeks.

We all understand that the road to success is filled with disappointments and setbacks. Those who can keep on going will eventually earn the best things in life.

My wife and I often laugh about how we expected to come home to a “ticker tape parade’ after winning a contest. It never happened. Many times, the rewards from the goals we worked hard for don’t match up to our expectations.

That’s the way it happens in life too. That’s how it really works. That’s how it’s supposed to work. That’s how it works for everybody. You want to move more quickly to your goals in life than you do while competing.

When it comes to competing, focus on that specific goal. When it comes to the other important areas of life, become more of a systems thinker.

I know what you’re thinking. What if you adopt this type of thinking and it doesn’t work as planned? You gave up your plan. You sacrificed your structure. You feel like you’ve lost control. Right? That chatter going on in your head is bad enough. Who wants to risk that?

When you become a systems thinker, you become a better all around person. You acquire more skills and become more flexible. You create more options, set up more ways to win, and have a better chance for success and happiness. It’s not hit or miss.

Can you imagine if this started happening to you?

By now, you realize I’ve made a rock-solid case for systems thinking. Because I have your attention and you don’t want to wait months for all of these powerful life lessons that have helped me and dozens of other competitors, take action and send me an email at [email protected].

P.S. I’m always willing to make time for people who will do whatever it takes to become their best. [email protected]


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Skip La Cour is a coach, speaker, author, and entrepreneur. He is the creator of the MANformation Confidence and Leadership personal development program for men and was a six-time national champion drug-free bodybuilder. La Cour helps ambitious men understand and execute effective confidence, leadership, and influence skills so that they reach their biggest goals in life with more control, clarity, and focus. Feel free to email Skip at any time at [email protected] with your questions and comments. Or, call (213)973-8790.

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