If You Aren’t Playing The Game Then The Game Is Playing YOU!


The Alpha Male Understands That If He Isn’t “Playing the Game” Then the Game Will Always Be Playing Him.

You must be aware that the “game” for who gets the best things in life and who is forced to settle for whatever is left is taking place every single day.

There’s no in between.

Well, if you really want to start earning the very best options in life,, I suggest that you immediately adopt this aggressive belief.

Someone who you are competing with is.

Notice that I have intentionally called this a “game” because I want you to enjoy this process rather than see it as a painful “struggle”; a bothersome “competition”; or a battle in a “dog eat dog world.” Whatever you want to call it, you must realize that we live in a give and take world.

Maybe you already know this but fail to understand its impact on your life. This awareness is crucial. It’s the law of the jungle in the real world. People give and take in the personal and business relationships they are in every single day. It’s simply human nature.

Some people are much better at playing this game of getting what they want in life and influencing other people to help them get what they want than others. Some people appear to be naturally good at the game and winning comes easily to them. Other people are good at this game have invested the time and effort needed to become good at this game. There are probably people in your life you can easily influence to live in your “reality” and I’m sure there are people who have no problems having you live in theirs. You win some and lose some. If you aren’t winning at the level you really want, take responsibility and learn how to become better at playing this game.

The results you should be driving for are to 1) improve your Alpha skills, 2) work your way up the pecking order, and 3) enjoy as many of the options available to you in life as humanly possible.

You first step toward improvement is to be aware that the game is always in play.

The Alpha male knows he is “in the game” at all times. He has the mindset to WIN at everything he does right from the beginning. The Alpha male understands that making the decision to win the game AFTER the game has already started puts him at far too much of a disadvantage. He lives by the motto “If you aren’t playing the game, then the game is playing you.”

The less dominant and Beta males think much differently than the Alpha male. Unfortunately for them, less dominant and Beta males don’t realize they are usually competing with another person is subtle and not-so-subtle ways—even if they are not dealing with another person in a one-on-one situation. They don’t understand, believe, or don’t want to believe that they are competing for the “pecking order”; the most satisfaction; the best price; more money; control of the “frame” to live by in a relationship for what may be the entire duration of the relationship; whose priorities will comes first—and whose will come sometime afterward; a promotion; the best in seat at the event; the best woman for a mate available; who goes first and who goes s last; and every other desirable option that’s up for grabs in life.

If you THINK it–you must DO it!

Skip La Cour

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