Next Level Advice From The “Buff Dad You Never Had”


If you’re a teen bodybuilder and you’re passionate about training your body and building muscle and maybe even doing some competing, you are extremely fortunate. Some people don’t find their passion until they’re much older and some people never find it at all. Having something that you’re passionate about motivates you and gives you a focus that can really enrich your life. Your passion doesn’t have to be something that makes you money or makes you famous. It just has to be something that makes you happy and gives you a sense of satisfaction. Bodybuilding is a great passion to have, because it’s all about being healthy and living a clean lifestyle.

The very best piece of advice that I give teen bodybuilders is to surround themselves with people and information that will support their passion for bodybuilding. I can’t think of too many things that would be more rewarding to me than you attaining the body you want because of the knowledge and experience I am sharing with you in this article. I have earned the knowledge and experience over a time period that’s spans longer than you’ve been alive. Use it. Use it wisely. If you were my son, this is the exact advice I would give to you. Think of me as that “Buffed Dad You Never Had”!

Find a Great Mentor

Find a Great Next Level Advice From The “Buff Dad You Never Had”

The most important thing you can do for yourself and for your training is to find yourself a great mentor. It doesn’t have to be a professional or someone who competes on a national level, although it can be. Your mentor should be someone who shares your passion, who is enthusiastic and inspiring and who will help spur you on to the next level. They don’t necessarily have to be someone who can coach you, help design your program or map out your nutrition for you. They might be older or they might be your age. A great mentor can be a pro or an amateur, as long as they have your best interests at heart and their personality suits your needs as far as the way they motivate and support you.

Surround Yourself with the Right People

Surround Yourself with the Right People Next Level Advice From The “Buff Dad You Never Had”

When you are new to bodybuilding and trying to learn and grow and reach your goals, the last thing you need is to be surrounded by people who don’t support what you’re doing. Even being around people who don’t understand why you work out can bring you down and kill your motivation. Get to know other bodybuilders in your community and at your gym. Have a social circle that understands what you’re doing and why and who can give you that camaraderie that’s so important sometimes. This will also give you a resource for sharing experiences and information that can really help you out. On my Facebook page, guys come together to root each other on, share advice and ask questions. Even that can be an important part of your environment if you don’t have bodybuilding friends in your area.

Get Your Information from the Right Sources

Get Your Information from the Right Sources Next Level Advice From The “Buff Dad You Never Had”

There’s so much information on the internet about anything you could possibly want to know, including bodybuilding. That can be both good and bad. Some of that information is just wrong and will slow your progress, get you hurt or damage your health. This is especially true in social media and on forums. Everybody under the sun has an opinion, and you have no way of knowing if they know what they’re talking about.

One of the worst things you can do is post your nutrition plan or your workout routine on a forum and ask people for their input. Half the people will tell you it’s awesome and the other half will tell you it’s wrong. That just leaves you confused and running from program to program, based on advice from people who may not know what they’re talking about. Seek out respected and responsible sources of bodybuilding information. On my website and sites like, you can get information that is well-researched and based on solid science and years of experience. Steer clear of bro-science and opinions from people you don’t even know on Facebook, Twitter or random forums.

Do Your Homework and Make Your Own Decisions

Do Your Homework and Make Your Own Decisions Next Level Advice From The “Buff Dad You Never Had”

As I said, get your information and your answers from people you trust, but if something doesn’t sound right, do your homework and then make your own decisions. When I was just starting out, I lived in a town where I didn’t know anyone in bodybuilding. I was very passionate about the sport and I decided I wanted to enter my first competition, a small local event. I trained my heart out for months and I was so pumped up and excited about seeing what I could do. About two weeks before the event, a friend of mine took me aside and told me I had no chance of winning. Now, he wasn’t a bodybuilder but he was a local and he swore that I had no chance of winning because I was new on the scene and the judging was too political. By the time he told me this, I was already totally committed. I’d been working so hard for so long and the event was right around the corner, so his advice didn’t change anything. I actually went on to win that event, but what if he had given me his “insider knowledge” when I first started training for the competition? I probably would have believed him, I probably would have quit and I certainly wouldn’t have won that event. Listen to the advice of people who really know what they’re talking about, but if it doesn’t sound right, research the facts yourself and make decisions based on your gut.

It’s All about Your Mindset

Its All About Your Mindset Next Level Advice From The “Buff Dad You Never Had”

This last piece of advice is one of the most important things I can say to you: your mindset is everything. It means more than your metabolism, your genetics, whether you have a coach and even what kind of gym you have access to. If you are determined, if you believe in yourself and if you continue to work past any obstacles, you can achieve your goals. You may only stick with bodybuilding for a few years. One day, work, kids and life in general may cause you to stop training. On the other hand, you may still be training hard when you’re sixty. Teen bodybuilders are the champions of tomorrow; with the right mindset and the right support, you can go as far as you dream in this sport.

Skip La Cour

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