What’s Your Obsession?

It’s my belief that we are all obsessed with something in our lives.
Some people know exactly what that something is in their life.
Some people have no clue what it is for them but, make no mistake about it, they are indeed obsessed with something.
Some people are partially aware of what they are obsessed with.
Some people have the belief that being obsessed with anything in life is a bad thing. To these people, “balance” is a far better approach.
Regardless if we believe being obsessed is something we should invite into our lives or avoid at all costs, we all are still obsessed with something.
Our obsession controls every single one of our thoughts. Our thoughts control every single one our actions every single day. Our actions create our destiny.
Knowing exactly what your obsession is and how it is impacting your thoughts and actions is massively important if you want more control over the direction of your life.
What’s yours?
Our obsession is never the thing or the goal we “say” we are after.
It’s never the journey to finally earn a fancy car, big house, fists full of money, worldwide fame, loving family, respected career, first place trophy, ripped abs, superior education or knowledge, trips around the world, or the manifestation of any other material thing or experience.
All of those are merely our “symbols” or representations of what our personal obsession drives us toward every single day.
Our obsession is an EMOTION.
The emotion that creates our obsession is different for everyone.
All of those physical things and experiences that we are moving toward (or kick ourselves in the butt for not moving toward) are merely “symbols” of the EMOTION we are obsessed with FEELING.
My prayer is that everything you are working so hard in your life to get (or stressing out over because you haven’t figured out how to get it yet) brings you the emotion or set of emotions you are obsessed with feeling.
You’ll have to know exactly what that emotion is for you, though.
You’ll have a much better chance at happiness and fulfillment in life when you know exactly what you are obsessed with.
My belief that it there is an obsession inside of you anyway so you better take control of it before it takes control of you.
Make sure that you aren’t working really hard every single day toward significance while you are unknowingly obsessed with finding deep love and connection.
Make sure that you are not working really hard every single day on your career while you are unknowingly obsessed with finally being heard and respected.
Make sure that you aren’t working really hard on being “free” when you are unknowingly obsessed with being included in a family or tribe.
Make sure that you aren’t working really hard to be that “one in a million” while you are unknowingly obsessed with playing it safe.
You can still have the significance, career, freedom, and being one in a million and still have the deep love and connection, being heard and respected, being included in a tribe of family, and not make reckless decisions.
You just have to know what you are truly obsessed with.
What’s your obsession?
Let me give you my belief of what a person’s obsession is usually NOT.
Your obsession is usually NOT something wonderful. Maybe much, much later after you’ve finally “cracked the code” but not until you’ve done so.
It is usually just the OPPOSITE of what you think dressed up as something wonderful.
And that’s perfectly fine. That’s normal.
It’s been said that PAIN is 200 percent more powerful to get us to finally take action than any pleasurable, pie-in-the-sky feeling, accomplishment, goal, experience, or thing.
The fear of being broke and dependent drives some people to become obsessed with going after money.
The fear of not being respected drives some people to become obsessed with becoming one out a million.
The fear of not being heard drives some people to become obsessed with being “the most wonderful person and friend in the world.”
The fear of being insignificant has some people obsessed with being significant.
You get the idea. There are “millions” of different combinations.
If you look closely on social media, you can probably guess what most people are obsessed with. It’s not that hard to figure out.
The challenge is understanding, respecting, and fully appreciating what we, ourselves, are obsessed with.
Everyone on this planet lacks objectivity and perspective on the “stories” that are going on in their heads and hearts. Everyone.
Know your obsession and take control of your life.
It’s not too late to be great.
“Pick your spot” in the future. Put your head down. Make it happen.
 Skip La Cour
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