Interview With Bodybuilding Filmmaker MIKE PULCINELLA – Bodybuilding And Fitness Podcast #325


click here for more confidence 300x300 Interview with Bodybuilding Filmmaker MIKE PULCINELLA   Bodybuilding and Fitness Podcast #325Mike Pulcinella is an extremely talented and passionate filmmaker who has taken the bodybuilding and fitness world by storm. The creator of the massively successful “Raising The Bar” trilogy doesn’t come from the typical hardcore bodybuilder background and that’s what makes his work–and the life lessons you can learn from him–so unique and powerful. During this podcast interview, Mike talks about the personality traits that he believes draw people into bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle, his take on the Phil Health and Kai Greene 2014 Mr. Olympia onstage confrontation, and why that year’s highly-anticipated Mr. Olympia NBC nationally television broadcast was suddenly canceled. He also talks about the series of events that led him into the bodybuilding and fitness culture, why he’s so passionate and committed to his art, how he’s been able to earn a successful living in an industry where most of the people with most amazing physiques often struggle, and his future plans.

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