Create CHECKLISTS For Greater And More Consistent Productivity – Morning Connection Podcast #29

Morning Connection
Morning Connection
Create CHECKLISTS for greater and more consistent productivity – Morning Connection Podcast #29

In today’s podcast, I share a very simply yet highly effective strategy that will help you become more productive both inside and outside of the gym.

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Skip La Cour’s Training Standards Checklist

  1. I will build upon my outstanding training habits by improving my form and range of motion—while still lifting heavy weight
  2. I will achieve these ambitious goals by taking my training performance to an entirely new level, paying meticulous attention to my nutritional habits, implementing efficient cardiovascular training, and mastering my emotional state on a consistent basis.
  3. I will arrive at the gym on time—in a peak state and expecting to have an outstanding workout.
  4. I will preframe and plan what it will take to have an outstanding workout and identify the challenges I must overcome.
  5. I will constantly search for ways to become more efficient during my workouts.
  6. I will constantly strive to learn more about training and the way my body responds to my training. I will record my observations for later use.
  7. I will constantly strive to become more focused during my workout session. I will remain quiet from the moment I finish my last warm-up set until the end of my weight training to help my concentration.
  8. I will strive to push myself to a higher level of performance during each workout by lifting more weight, doing more reps, improving my range of motion, improving my form, or all of the above.
  9. I will constantly redefine what “absolute failure” means to me by pushing myself to give more effort than ever during every set. I will remind myself to do this before every set.
  10. 10. I will review and evaluate my daily workout performance—whether by doing so mentally or actually writing it down—after every session. I will ask myself What was great? What wasn’t perfect YET? What can I do to make my workouts more enjoyable, efficient, and/or productive?
  11. I will finish my workout in a timely manner.
  12. I will preframe and plan what it will take to have an outstanding workout during tomorrow’s session and identify the challenges I must overcome.
  13. I will meet the cardiovascular training goals I set for myself each day.
  14. I will take my post-workout supplements immediately after my training session.
  15. I will start the recovery process immediately by eating meal #1 right after my workout.

Tyrus Reed’s Training Standards Checklist

1. I ate the right foods, the right amounts of foods, and ate my meals on time so that I had the strength to train hard and recover fully from my workout.

2. I was well-rested enough to have 100 percent of my physical energy to devote to my training session.

3. I have managed my personal affairs and my work life well enough so that I

gave 100 percent of my mental focus and emotional energy into my training session.

4. I visualized my entire workout (every exercise) that I’ll do that day on my drive to the gym.

5. I knew how much weight and how many reps I must do to beat last week’s performance before I even stepped foot in the gym.

6. I arrived at the gym on time–ready to train both physically and mentally.

7. I knew what my goal was before every set.

8. After every set, I stopped for a moment, closed my eyes, and made sure I hit the targeted muscle group with as close to 100 percent efficiency as possible.

9. I did not do any unnecessary talking once I started my workout other than to talk about specific exercise execution or champion mindset observations.

10.I completed my workout in one hour or less.


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