How To Create A Positive Environment Of People Who Support Your Efforts


The people who you surround yourself with have a definite effect of how quickly and easily you achieve your bodybuilding and training goals.

You must put yourself in an environment of people who support you if you really want success. You must build relationships with people who share your mindset, desires, and values. Just think if you had the opportunity to spend your time with people just like you. You’ll be even further ahead in the long run if you can find people who are even better than you are. Wouldn’t your journey be a lot more motivating, stimulating, and enjoyable than it is with some people you’re trying to deal with now who don’t share or respect your goals?

You can be certain there will be at least a few people along your journey who will question your dedication and willingness to dream. Some of the people around you will try to discourage you from putting so much of your heart and soul into this one area of your life. Some of these individuals will do so out of what they believe is legitimate concern for you, while others will be trying to meet their own agendas. If you conform to the beliefs and opinions of others, you will only be able to manage the same mediocrity that most people suffer when trying to incorporate health and fitness into their lives.

The people who surround you are affecting your training performance, eating habits expectations, and the level of optimism and enthusiasm you feel toward your fitness efforts. Whether or not you are consciously aware of it, the effect of other people is shaping your destiny. Sometimes, this influence isn’t recognizable until a period of time later. The people in your environment are affecting the quality of other areas of your life as well.

The attitudes of other people can either help elevate you toward greatness or force you to settle for less than what you are capable of achieving. You should be aware of this force and concentrate your efforts on manufacturing a positive environment.

If you surround yourself with people who train at a higher level of intensity and efficiency, you will become more intense and efficient. If you hang around people who are optimistic that their training endeavors will be beneficial if they are intelligent and patient, you, too, will be optimistic and try to become more intelligent and patient. The same is true about what others believe about good nutritional habits.

You should always be actively striving to enlist the help of positive, productive, and supportive people. Assembling a group of people of this caliber to surround you will take a concentrated effort—just like anything in life that is worthwhile and sets you apart from the masses who never achieve anything significant. Look for opportunities at the gym to train beside and converse with those who have earned good physiques, demonstrate admirable work ethics, and exude positive attitudes. You will discover it is easier to model and duplicate their success if you are in their presence often enough. Successful people can help pace you as you move toward achieving excellence yourself. You can adopt their winning strategies and powerful mindset.

Train Hard. Think Big.

Skip La Cour

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