Helping other people makes us feel good. No doubt about it.

When you work for a cause that’s greater than yourself, life takes on a whole new meaning.

“To teach is to learn twice” is a motto that I’ve built my life around for over 20 years. Helping other people has helped me step up and demand that I become what I preach.

I encourage you to do the same. If you are already doing so, that’s awesome. Keep it up. I know how good that makes you feel.

I want you to be much better than me earlier in your journey.

Time, perspective, victories, and a hell of a lot of setbacks have provided me wisdom.

This is what I’ve learned.

Sometimes, helping other people makes us feel too good. We are actually hurting other people . . . and ourselves.

We can’t fool ourselves. We really can’t take care of other people at the highest level until we’ve properly taken care of ourselves first.

We must become the living and breathing example of what we want for others. It’s not selfish. It’s mandatory. Our words and gestures will then have real meaning.

We don’t have to be all the way “there” but the vast majority of our willpower, focus, energy, and time must be used scratching and clawing to get there soon.

We can’t take the pressure off ourselves. We can’t ease up on working on our challenges just because we have good intentions. Some might consider that selfish. It would be selfish if we used other people and their problems so that we don’t have to face our own.

Set your entire life up like a contest (and win big there too!).

You’re just one totally taxing and rewarding “contest prep season” away from the life you really want.

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Skip La Cour

Skip La Cour is a coach, speaker, author, and entrepreneur. He is the creator of the MANformation Confidence and Leadership personal development program for men and was a six-time national champion drug-free bodybuilder. La Cour helps ambitious men understand and execute effective confidence, leadership, and influence skills so that they reach their biggest goals in life with more control, clarity, and focus. Feel free to email Skip at any time at [email protected] with your questions and comments. Or, call (213)973-8790.

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