The Top 10 Reasons Why Smart People Love To Invest In YOU As Their Fitness Coach


Wouldn’t it AWESOME if you had nothing but smart people as clients?

What an enjoyable and profitable fitness coaching business you’d have, right?

Smart people make great clients.

Here are the Top 10 reasons why smart people will gravitate to you and your coaching services.

1. Smart people love knowing that their determination and initiative have put them into elite company. They understand that the most successful and happiest people on the planet in every area of life have had coaches and mentors who helped them eliminate time, frustration, and overwhelm on their road toward success.

2. Smart people understand the power in making a commitment. The more of a commitment they are willing to enthusiastically make toward their success, the more PRIDE they’ll experience during every step of their journey.

3. Smart people love knowing that they are doing EVERYTHING possible to insure their success. Whether they succeed, fail, or somewhere in between, they know with absolute certainty that they did “whatever it takes.”

4. Smart people love to save time and energy by having a qualified fitness coach provide them effective, efficient, and PROVEN STRATEGIES. They know that they’re getting a cheat sheet, life hack, step-by-step system, or blueprint to success–instead of trying to figure it out all themselves when they don’t have to. They love knowing that they didn’t waste a lot of time trying to “re-invent the wheel.”

5. Smart people love taking full advantage of all of the willpower, focus, energy, and time that their coach has invested. They love it when their coach has passionately mastered fitness and use it to reach their own fitness goals for years. They get to invest their own limited amounted willpower, focus, energy, and time into a different area of life that they, themselves, are most passionate about and want to master (like their business, family, faith, special charity/cause, or hobby).

6. Smart people understand the power of accountability and pressure. The more accountability and pressure they are willing put on themselves, the more likely they’ll use all of their talents, abilities, willpower, focus, energy, time, and other powerful resources to the fullest.

7. Smart people know that two committed people are better than one. They love knowing that they have set up a unique and highly-effective situation in life where TWO PEOPLE are now on a committed MISSION to work on their personal success and happiness–instead of going through the journey alone.

8. Smart people love feeling special and unique when they step up. They love doing something for their success and happiness that struggling, average people simply will NEVER do.

9. Smart people love having support they can COUNT ON when going through the inevitable challenges that life dishes out. They’re less likely to be disappointed when they don’t get support from family members, friends, random people, and the “haters” on social media. In fact, they don’t even expect to have the support from people who are NOT invested or emotionally-attached in any way to their success and happiness.

10. Smart people love the “buffet of effective solutions” that a qualified fitness coach will provide for them. Many of those solutions they may have never even thought of on their own. Smart people understand that a great coach offers them perspective, objectivity, and options that even smart and determined people just can’t get on their own They also are allowed the freedom from their qualified fitness coach to choose which options are best for their individual situation all on their own.

BONUS REASON #1: Smart people love having conversations with people who genuinely care about them and are really listening. They realize that it is very rare to have conversations with other people in life when the entire conversation is all about you and your goals. A great fitness coach will really listen to you–instead of thinking about what he or she is going to say after you’re finally finished talking like what normally happens during most conversations you have in life.

BONUS REASON #2: Smart people love telling other people that they hired a fitness coach. It’s cool. They also realize that, the more people who they tell, the more accountability and pressure they put on themselves to work hard and finally get this area of their life mastered. It gets even cooler when they tell their friends to “Google” their coach, and all of your awesome tips, images, videos, articles, podcasts, personal accomplishments come up. They automatically link themselves up to their fitness coach’s success and their all around awesomeness!

Set yourself apart from the fitness “business as usual” and adopt the RESULTS-oriented Fitness-Centered Life Coaching philosophy.

Use Your BODY To Grab Their Attention. Use Your MIND To Change Their Lives.

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