That “One Thing” That Will Change Everything


What if you could do just do that “one thing” and it catapulted you to all of the success and happiness you wanted?

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

You would do that one thing no matter how difficult is was, wouldn’t you?

I know I would.

Most of us would work as hard as we needed for as long as it took if we just found certainty in that one thing.

Some people will even promise you they can tell you what that one thing is for you.

A lot of people hope for this.

Hope is comforting. Hope is rarely effective all by itself.

But what happens when you enthusiastically try one new “one thing” after another only to discover that they didn’t change everything?

Who do you blame? The one thing? The person who told you the one thing would work? Do you blame yourself?

Finally understanding that it’s not that “one thing” that’s going to make the big difference is freeing.

It’s the combination of a lot of little things that are consistently well-executed and done so over time that will make the difference.

It’s not instant.

It’s not exciting.

It can crush our hope for overnight success or getting out of a bad place right away.

But it could be freeing too.

It could help us focus and follow through.

It’s the fundamentals. The boring stuff. That’s what really makes the difference.

I laugh at myself sometimes because I know this backwards and forwards but still want to skip steps.

How many times have you had a person new to bodybuilding and training who constantly asked for the “perfect” training routine or the “perfect” diet?

It didn’t matter if you gave it to them on a silver platter, they still wouldn’t get the results they want because of their inferior mindset. They are looking for that “one thing” that will make it happen now. They want to skip steps–and that’s their downfall before they even get started.

I need to make sure that I don’t hope that “one thing” will allow me to skip steps in other important areas of my life.

Maybe you do too.

It doesn’t work that way for our bodybuilding and training efforts and it’s not going to work in our relationships or earning more money either.

It’s the fundamentals. The boring stuff. That’s what really makes the difference.

What are all of those little things we must do and how should we prioritize doing them?

That’s the fun, challenging, and oftentimes frustrating “puzzle” that we all need to put together for ourselves.

Sometimes we have that certainty.

Sometimes we have no clue.

That’s the game we are all playing.

Keep playing.

It’s not too late to be great.

Set your entire life up like a contest (and win big there too!).

You’re just one fundamentals-filled “contest prep season” away from the life you really want.

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Skip La Cour

Skip La Cour is a coach, speaker, author, and entrepreneur. He is the creator of the MANformation Confidence and Leadership personal development program for men and was a six-time national champion drug-free bodybuilder. La Cour helps ambitious men understand and execute effective confidence, leadership, and influence skills so that they reach their biggest goals in life with more control, clarity, and focus. Feel free to email Skip at any time at [email protected] with your questions and comments. Or, call (213)973-8790.

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