What’s The Point Of Goals And Habits If They Don’t Produce Anything More Than Making Us Feel Good?


Every great sports coach, business or life mentor, and motivational speaker on the planet talks about the importance of setting goals.

When you set ambitious goals and are emotionally connected to all of the reasons why those goals are so important for you to achieve, you will eventually find ways to make them happen.

When your goals are powerful enough, you’ll “reverse-engineer” or work backwards and, with enough persistence, eventually figure out everything you’ll need to do to make them happen.
With all of this clarity, you’ll use all of your talents and abilities to the fullest. You’ll use your very precious and limited resources like your willpower, focus, energy, and time more effectively and efficiently.

Well, that’s the plan at least, right?

Sometimes, simply setting ambitions goals isn’t all that effective. Sure, it’s a great start. You may be one of the few people who actually do set goals. But you must do the required work too.
How many people do you know who can tell you in magnificent detail about all of the amazing things they are going to accomplish and experience in their lives someday–but don’t really make much progress?

Setting and visualizing huge goals can sometimes be intoxicating. The process of just setting them up and “seeing them in your mind” can be satisfying all by itself and curb our hunger to actually turn them into reality.

I have been guilty of this throughout my life without even consciously realizing it. I became incoherently “drunk” from my own ambition and creativity.
How about you?

We must do more than just set goals.

We must do much more.

We must create and execute daily winning habits if we are going to make those goals really happen for us. I call these wining habits “daily disciplines.”

But even something that sounds so good like “daily winning habits” can also derail us.

The challenge with these daily winning habits is they can make us feel really good about ourselves just because we’ve set them and we got ourselves to execute them on a consistent basis.
They can make us feel too good.

We can lose sight of the fact that these supposedly winning habits oftentimes aren’t leading us to any tangible victories. They oftentimes don’t lead to any real, significant results in our lives.

Isn’t that their purpose?

Instead, they can become just fancy-smancy busy work.

Just like when setting goals, creating and executing daily disciplines can curb our hunger to really make things happen and create the quality of life that we really want.

I’ve been guilty of creating and following through with ineffective daily habits too. I eventually wake up after a certain period of time only to realize that all of my discipline didn’t produce much.

I did impress myself and make myself feel good though.

Well, at least for a little while.

Setting goals and following through with certain habits can be the very things that cause us to waste time and prevent us from reaching our goals.

Sure, doing these “motivational speaker approved” strategies put us far ahead of the masses who won’t or can’t do them, but what’s the use if we aren’t all that much farther along in life than they are?

That’s why setting all of your goals and establishing all of your daily disciplines after putting them through the Life – Work – Legacy Lifestyle “Decision-Making Filter” is such a powerful process for me.

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