Your INTANGIBLES Will Make The REAL Difference In Other People’s Lives


There are fitness experts and online coaches who prefer sticking to talking about the topics they’re most comfortable discussing: Workout routines and eating plans.

Getting into a person’s personal life, they feel, isn’t something they’re paid to do.

“Geez. These people want me to be their therapist!” is a complaint that I heard from a lot fitness experts and have even read posted online.

Being put in this situation can make some fitness coaches really uncomfortable-especially when they don’t have their own lives where they want them to be.

“Who am I to try and help my clients with their personal problems?” is the feeling.

Everyone is forced to deal with challenges in their lives from time to time.

How your client manages his or her personal life will always have a HUGE IMPACT on how well they follow through with the strategies you’ve given them.

That’s true for every one of your clients.

That’s true for you, too.

Sometimes, just being there, being present, for your client and listening to them can be a big help.

Sometimes, just getting them to listen to themselves explain their personal problems out loud can bring them clarity.

Sometimes, just asking them the right questions at the right time will get them to organize their thoughts in a more logical manner–and less of an emotional one.

Many times, we as humans mistakenly believe we are forced to making a decision between one or two bad choices in life. The lack of options causes us a lot of stress.

Many times, we can have up to a dozen other much better options available to us and simply not realize it. The stress that we’re under puts our problem-solving ability on lockdown.

Oftentimes, those other options that we can’t seem to access in our minds can be twice as effective and twice as painless as the one or two we convinced ourselves we’re limited to.

Simply getting your client to brainstorm some other, better options can be a huge relief for your client–even if he or she doesn’t choose any of them.

Your personal life doesn’t have to be “perfect” for you to be SKILLED in this manner.

And, it is a SKILL that can be learned. You just have to WANT to acquire and use that skill.

That objectivity and perspective that you can provide your clients can be far more valuable than the workout routine and diet plan you can gave them.

They can get those anywhere for free. You know it and I know it.

It’s YOU and your INTANGIBLES that will or will not make the REAL difference in your clients’ lives.

Set yourself apart from the fitness “business as usual.”

Use your BODY to grab their attention. Use your MIND to change their lives.

Skip La Cour
“The Fitness Coach’s Business & Life Coach”

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