12-Week Coaching Designed For Older Men With Busy, Productive Lives

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Good just isn’t good enough for you.

I talk with men just like you on the phone every single day.

They’re a little bit older.

They have busy, productive lives. They can’t “live” in the gym or think about workout strategies 24/7.

But they want RESULTS. They DEMAND results and are willing to do the work.

They look good for their age now. They know it. They appreciate this.

Everyone in their family, at work, and in their social circles always tell them how great they look too.

It’s easy for these men like you to stand out and look better than the other men their age. That’s because most of those other men their age don’t even work out or pay attention to their diets.

The really committed men just aren’t satisfied. Looking better than most of the other men around them who don’t take care of themselves isn’t that big of a deal. Those other men their age aren’t even trying.

The men who I talk to are.

Despite all of their dedication and knowledge, the men I talk to still don’t look anything like the young, extremely passionate fitness experts dishing out advice on YouTube and the other social media platforms.

It’s not even close.

Although the older men I talk to look great for their age, they believe they should be looking a lot better.

It’s causing them a lot of frustration. They’ve tried a lot of different things. They’ve listened to a lot of the younger fitness experts. They just can’t seem to “crack the code.”

Does that sound like you?

I’m not surprised. As I’ve already stated, I talk to older men with busy, productive lives just like you every single day.

Those are very common challenges.

We All Only Have So Much Willpower, Focus, Energy, and Time

The good news is that I can translate the extreme fitness talk for older men like you with busy, productive lives to understand.

You see, I was one of those extreme thinking with extreme strategies fitness experts. In my 30 years in the fitness industry, I’ve accomplished a lot of things and helped a lot of people.

Since I retired from competitive bodybuilding after my back-to-back national drug-free championship victories 15 years ago, I had to take a good, hard look at the way I was doing everything in my life.

I wanted to keep my body looking great but I also wanted to take the rest of my life to higher levels too.

I had to find the strategies that would help me do that. I couldn’t go “overboard” with my willpower, focus, energy, and time any longer.

That’s how I can help you. My lifestyle is just like yours: busy and productive.

At 57 years old, I can translate all of that extreme, oftentimes overboard, oftentimes conflicting fitness information that the younger fitness experts are constantly throwing at you.

I know it’s confusing you. And, I know you’re a smart guy with success in other areas of your life.

I will help you “crack the code.”

I Translate Extreme And Confusing Fitness Talk For You

There’s a saying that goes . . .

“If everything is important then nothing is.”

I’ve discovered this to be true in most aspects of life.

This will be especially true when you’re trying to figure out which fitness strategies are most important for you to reach your goals.

I know there’s a lot of fitness information being thrown at you from many different directions.

I know there’s a lot of fitness information being thrown at you from younger, passionate fitness experts oozing with their extreme thinking and their extreme strategies.

Everything is important to them. That’s why they look so good. They’re more than willing to have fitness be the center of their lives. Sometimes without realizing it, those fitness experts expect you to do the same.

That’s built into the foundation of everything they preach.

I know how confusing it can be to even a busy, productive older man who has experienced success in other areas of his life.

I want to help you figure out which workout, eating, and lifestyle strategies are most important to reach your fitness goals in the context of YOUR busy, productive life.

Here’s What You Can Expect During Our Time Together

✔️ You’ll get custom workouts personally from me (not a staff member).

✔️ You’ll get custom eating plans from me. I’ll eventually provide you with the exact calories and macro breakdown.

✔️  You’ll get email support and text support throughout our entire journey.

✔️  You’ll get weekly check-ins with weekly adjustments.

✔️  The best part is that we’ll talk on the phone for about an hour every single week for 12 weeks. You’ll also get an audio recording of every coaching session.

✔️  I’ll then do what I do the best. I’ll work on your mindset so you’ll have the mentality of a six-time national drug-free champion cemented in your mind and body forever.

✔️  After this type of structure, accountability, and total immersion, you’ll have the knowledge and experience that will be with you for the rest of your life. The code will finally be cracked forever.

If you are interested, fill out the questionnaire below.

We’ll set up a time to talk on the phone. I won’t make any decisions until I’ve talked with you on the phone.

I only work with the most committed men and I want to make sure I can help you reach your goals and meet your expectations.

I can only do this for a few people every 12 weeks for obvious reasons. Don’t get pushed back onto the waiting list.

Skip La Cour
Workouts For Older Men
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Six-Time National Champion Drug-Free Bodybuilder
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Fill Out This Questionnaire

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This questionnaire will help you get the very most out of our time together. Not only will it help me learn more about you and better serve your needs, it will help you gain more clarity as to what you want and what may be stopping you from getting it.

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