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best skip Enter To Win A FREE Get Focused 1 on 1 Coaching Session

Do you have something you want to change or achieve in your life?

When you’re a little older, you must take action NOW. We have more time behind us than in front of us.

Let’s get this done now.

You’ve heard me passionately talk about one-on-one coaching.

Now is your chance to win a FREE “Get Focused 1-on-1 Coaching Session” with me.

All you need to do is fill out the questionnaire at the bottom of this page.

Maybe you’d like to . . .

  • Get into the shape of your life even though you’re a little older
  • Build more muscle, lose body fat, and become more consistent with your training efforts
  • Enjoy all of the certainty and confidence that comes with being extremely fit
  • Earn much more than just a great body. Your body helps you have more passion and longevity in your life
  • Start a new, rewarding business (or find a way to use your passion and expertise to supplement your current income)
  • Get into a new, more rewarding career (or earn a raise at your current job)
  • Add more passion, excitement, and adventure into your marriage
  • If you’re single right now, find new love and have more confidence with women now that you’re a little older
  • Become more powerful, influential, and persuasive and earn more options in life with more people
  • Become a more powerful leader. Do a better job of managing the relationships you are currently in and take them to higher levels of connection
  • Have more confidence in every social situation you enter
  • Discover or really start working on the real MEANING and PURPOSE in your life
  • All of the above (or even something else)

No matter what you’d like to change or achieve, the secrets to success are the same . . .

  1. Get clear. As specifically as possible, decide what you want. The more clear you are on what you want to have in your life, the more likely you are to achieve it.
  2. Get perspective. Most people don’t tell anyone what they want or what they are struggling with and because of that they don’t get an outside perspective.
  3. Get support. Very few people (if any) achieve anything great alone. Sports stars have teammates and coaches Be willing to ask the people in your life to support you.

Enter To Win A FREE “Get Focused 1-on-1 Coaching Session” Today

Do you have something special, something important for you to change? If you want to speed up your success rate, then I’d like to help you do it with a personal Get Focused 1-on-1 Coaching Session where we’ll work together to . . .

  • Create a crystal clear vision for what “ultimate success” in life means to you so you know EXACTLY what you want, where you’re headed, and what you need to do to make it happen.
  • Address the challenges that you fully realize are standing in your way head on—and come up with effective strategies to overcome them. Address the limiting beliefs about your talents and abilities head on—and establish new and more empowering perspectives.
  • Uncover the hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your ability to make changes that last or that are slowing down your progress.
  • Create a set of effective RESULTS-DRIVEN “daily disciplines” that will jump start your progress and catapult you in the right direction.
  • Leave your coaching session with me renewed, re-energized, and inspired to finally achieve the change you seek—once and for all.
  • You’ll get a free audio recording of your coaching session to continue learning from for weeks and even months into the future.
  • “Get Focused 1-on-1 Coaching Session” Questionnaire

    What's Your Biggest Challenge Right Now?
    What do you need to know at this stage that you're at right now? This will give me an idea of how I can help you best.

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    (It's perfectly fine if it hasn't been long. I'm here to help you.)

    Which social media platform did you find me on?

    How long have you been following my career, material, and work?

    What do you most want to change today?

    Have you tried to change this before?

    What have you attempted in the past that didn't work?

    Why do you think it didn't work?

    On a scale of 0-10, how important is it for you to achieve change today?

    Do you currently work out in a commercial gym? If not, what are you doing for exercise?

    How long have you been focusing on improving your workouts and eating habits (this time around)?

    What other areas of your life do you want to change (if any)?

    What's the #1 BENEFIT you think you'll get from my knowledge, guidance, and personal attention?

    Good Luck!
    I'll contact you with a phone or text if you're a winner.
    Who knows? Even if you don't win, I may still give you a personal phone call and/or text to help you work past your challenges. If you do see a phone call or text from the 925 area code, that's probably me.

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    “Down to earth. Easy one on one. You don’t need to be a doctor or scientist to follow his approach.”

    Robert Felix
    Age 53
    Fort McMurray, Alberta

    “The man is real and his attitude and intentions are genuine. Skip has a silent confident approach to helping you realize your potential. He will challenge you and hold you accountable for your side of the sidewalk. If you’ve ever wanted somebody who would listen to your concerns, ideas and goals…Skip is your man!”

    Danny Rabena
    Age 52
    Sacramento, CA

    “My biggest regret is not knowing Skip years ago. Skip is like a having a coach in the Gym he is just a phone call away, I can text him and have a reply shortly after. I use to look forward to an hour chat each week, I even have a blown up poster of him in my Home Gym now that chat is over. He made me feel more like a friend. Thank you Skip for your guidance.”

    Sylvan Chaitram
    Age 64
    Vancouver, BC

    “Thanks for the call last night. I was impressed by your availability and passion. I mentioned you call to my wife who was also impressed. I follow a few ‘online gurus.’ You are absolutely the first to actually give me a call! Keep up the good work. I will continue watch and listen as you spread the work of health. I’m hoping I can use your one-on-one coaching in the new year.”

    Michael Caniglia
    Age 54
    Toronto, Ontario

    “Most men want to, but don’t pick up the phone and call Skip. As the slogan goes, ‘just do it!’ I assure you, Skip will not let you off until your question is answered, you become ‘clear’ or a new plan of action has been plotted. He’s changed the direction of my life.”

    John Rodrigues
    Age 46
    Whitmore, CA

    “Talking to Skip was inspirational. I was struggling to get past a certain point and he talked me through what I was doing wrong and steered me in the right direction. Thank you, brother. You are appreciated.”

    Patrick Grant
    Age 57
    Croton On Hudson, NY

    “At a time when I was feeling defeated and exhausted, I reached out to Skip and he called me the same day. We had a series of phone conversations over a month. Skip helped me to refocus on my career, understand what is important in my life in order to be fulfilled, and replenish my energy to get back in the game. His ability to listen, coach and motivate is second to none! This makes him the real deal.”

    Age 51

    “Skip has made an incredible difference in all areas of my life. Not just the physical but mental as well. I feel I am healthier, more focused in my professional life and much happier in my personal life. I would strongly encourage anyone looking for answers, advise or guidance to reach out to Mr. La Cour. You will not be disappointed.”

    Paul McWilliams
    Age 49
    Edmonton, Alberta

    “I filled out one of his questionnaires and the very next day he called me not once but twice. He spoke with me like we were a couple of old friends for a half an hour and really helped me get over a couple of hurdles I had been struggling with. He has since stayed in touch with me to check on my progress and see if I have any other questions. Guys, I can’t recommend Skip’s courses enough. He definitely made an impact not just on my bodybuilding progression but also many other areas of my life. Give one of his programs a chance. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.”

    Pete Pingle
    Age 54
    Dover, OH

    “What you may not know about Skip is he’s a former world class champion bodybuilder. So, he truly knows what it takes to succeed under the most difficult situations. That being said, I spend six months talking with Skip. They say never meet your hero cause it will be a let down. This time it was not! Skip is a family man and it shows. Getting up every am at 4;30 to shoot his workout videos on Facebook Live and much more. The man is dedicated and on fire! He will give you all he has. He brings that same fire and zeal to every single call. Guys, let me be clear and upfront: Sometimes, he’ll give that proverbial kick in the ass. But take it with a grain of salt. He truly wants you to succeed. As men, we at times get stuck in our heads and get in ruts. Skip will do whatever he needs to shake you out of it. We spend money on everything else we want. Take the time to invest in yourself. It’s NEVER a waste to invest in your own personal development and growth. In fact, dare I say you need to do this. Oh yeah, he’s so passionate that your session may go over the allotted time and he doesn’t charge you for that either. No guarantee, He did for me, I guess I needed that extra push and he saw that. As the big brother, he dug in ever deeper and lifted me up.”

    Age 50
    Inglewood, CA

    “One day I happened to run across Skip and I must say I was impressed. I saw a 56 year old man that was in awesome shape. I thought if anyone can help an older man it’s going to be an older man. He gave me a personal call, we spoke in depth about where I had been, where I was currently, and where I wanted to be. To my surprise the next morning when he did hid a live video he made reference to my and his prior conversation. I thought to myself, ‘Damn this guy really does care and takes this to heart.'”

    Mark Ward
    Age 52
    Lynchburg, VA

    “Skip La Cour came into my life at a period where I was at a serious crossroads. After a major health crisis, I was disabled, out of work, and feeling completely defeated. During my recovery, I started watching Skip’s Facebook Live videos for motivation. Skip and I had several conversations over the phone that provided me with information and motivation that have helped me to increase my income, improved my health, and find the love of my life. I cannot thank Skip La Cour enough. Thank you, brother.”

    Age 49
    Houston, TX

    “Skip . . . it was great when you called me the first time. But when you called me out of the blue the second time, it meant a lot to me. You are very committed to the people who reach out to you for help. The positive message you give helps a lot. Thank you for all that you do.”

    Chris Christie
    Age 64
    Burlington, KY

    “I am working to break out of the ‘9 to 5.’ Skip has been an immensely positive influence for me as an older, busy, productive guy. I know with his continued guidance, I will breakthrough sooner rather than later. With more time behind me than in front of me, that’s huge!”

    Mark Noldy
    Age 50
    Sayre, PA

    “I started conference calls with Skip for four weeks that were one hour in duration. He is truly a very knowledgeable and professional bodybuilder that really knows through his own experience how to train and eat. He gave me a lot of information that has helped me to become better man through his teaching. I have lost 20 lbs and 10% Body fat by following his plan. I highly recommend Skip to anyone that is older and wants to change or improve their body.”

    Age 66
    SW Florida

    “Skip helped me with weight loss and knowing what and how to eat. His videos on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are awesome and, if you’re not watching them, then you’re not learning from a true pro. Skip is not out to just make a buck by selling you something you don’t need. I feel he truly wants to help everyday guy like me. If he says he will call you, he will. And it’s really him not a machine. Thanks, Skip. You’re awesome.”

    Steve Bailey
    Age 55
    Trenton, KY

    “Since I have been coaching with Skip, it has been an influential experience and journey for me. What I really admire about Skip is he has a way of challenging my thinking (in a respectful way) which has helped me to focus on the important things in my life, while getting the results I am after. I am able to see more opportunists in every aspect of my life than I did before as well as bringing out my strengths which have been dormant over the years. Skip is definitely someone who has my best interest at heart; working with him as been awesome!”

    Saul Palmer
    Age 31
    Escondido, CA

    “I sought out Skip during a time when I needed some guidance, I felt stuck in my bodybuilding journey and was over whelmed with the information out there. I was stressed with life in general and felt stuck. Skip exceeded my expectations and has completely transformed my life, way past just helping me with my bodybuilding goals. He is very awesome at helping you think outside the norm and just put in the old school hard work and determination. With the right attitude and mindset anything is possible. Make sure to take advantage of what skip has to offer and just go for it! Think BIG!”

    Cesar Boatman
    Age 31
    Twin Falls, ID

    “Talking with Skip each week has been a truly motivational experience. Along with the accountability factor, he has inspired me to do things that I have only dreamed of doing. I have put a lot of things into action that I might never have done if not for Skip’s calls. Even at 51, I have the drive and determination to get back to doing the things I stopped doing at 25 due to difficult life circumstances. Now, I am building my body, renewing my mind, writing my stories, and truly living life again.”

    Robert Poe
    Age 52
    Indianapolis, IN

    “When I talked to Skip, it was truly a blessing. He literally saw the challenges that I was facing in my life and his advice and guidance was honestly empowering. I have a totally different mindset now on my life goals and what I really want to accomplish. It feels amazing! I always thought I had a strong mindset. Well, with fitness and training I did but not with my life goals. Skip, you have truly helped me develop a completely different mindset now. A much stronger mindset. For that, I want to thank you so much.”

    Age 31
    Westfield, MA

    “Talking to Skip was inspirational. I was struggling to get past a certain point and he talked me through what I was doing wrong and steered me in the right direction. Thank you, brother, you are appreciated.”

    Patrick Grant
    Age 57
    Croton On Hudson, NY

    “Thank you, Skip, for taking time out of your busy day to give me a call during my travels. I really appreciate the encouragement and guidance. Your workout videos are just the right motivation and inspiration I need, especially at my age, to get the job done right. I recently had my physical and blood work done which passed with flying colors. Thank you again.”

    Edward Hauber
    Age 55
    Billings, MT

    “I had the opportunity to talk with Skip over the phone. In just over 20 minutes, he had me thinking totally different about my training and my ability to grow more at my age. He’s brutally honest and says what you need to hear not what you want to hear necessarily. That’s a good thing if your looking to improve. Thanks Skip!”

    Kurt Erickson
    Age 63
    Phoenix, AZ

    “I enjoy our conversations. You always have great information and seem very engaged. The information you provide is spot on. All anyone has to do is apply your principles and be consistent and their life and fitness will change forever.”

    Dale Hoots
    Age 50
    Gunnison, CO

    “As Skip and I have chatted this year, I was inspired until late summer. Unfortunately, my wife and I were in a car accident that set us back. Most recently, I have been recovering but I had lost my way and motivation. After speaking with Skip. this morning he inspired and motivated me and put me back on the right track. I went to the gym and had a fantastic workout. At 50 years of age and having a sales career, sometimes we do need someone like Skip to stop and talk to. We need to have those conversations about where our life is going and how he can assist and guide mature men. Life is a journey and it’s great to have that coach to assist us with our goals. We all want to achieve something. Having Skip to talk about life’s journey has been awesome.”

    Brian Payne
    Age 50
    Bowmanville, ON

    “It is not often that a businessman reaches out so sincerely to offer advice without a hook to get something back. I really appreciate you taking the time and effort to reach out (especially on a weekend). Your sincerity and true desire to provide advice is awesome. It is very evident that you have a real passion for helping men achieve their goals at whatever level they are seeking to achieve. Everything you did develops trust and confidence.”

    Dennis Jasinski
    Age 50
    Kennesaw, GA

    “I filled out the questionnaire Sunday afternoon. A few hours later my phone rings with a 925 area code. It’s Skip! I answered and we had a great conversation regarding my life as it related to my health and fitness and my future goals. Skip was asking relevant questions and was very helpful and supportive. If I had any questions in the future, he made sure to let me know I could count on him for guidance. I made sure to sign up for live stream alerts and am going to watch all the videos. What an awesome resource for us older guys! Now, to the gym.”

    Mike Short
    Age 66
    Oak View, CA

    “As an older man engaged in a training effort to get back in shape and make positive diet and lifestyle changes, I found Skip’s guidance invaluable. He helped me to quickly validate or, in some cases dismiss, much of what I’ve heard over the years regarding nutrition and training. I found him to be a trusted mentor that provided me expert advice in answer to my many questions.”

    Chuck Roberts
    Age 64
    Hemet, CA