12-Week Fitness Transformation Journey For Older Men Questionnaire

The Best Transformation Journey Just For Older Men Ever Offered!

Your EIGHT (8) Private, One-On-One Coaching Sessions With Me (Scheduled Every Week) Start Immediately After You Enroll

Group Coaching Calls Start February 29, 2020

2020 Will Be The Year You MASTER Your Fitness!

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The 12-Week Fitness Transformation Journey for Older Men is starting soon and will be the ULTIMATE 12-Week Transformation. My biggest and best ever! Soooo many more BONUSES than the previous ones!

We start your 8 private 1-on-1 coaching sessions with me right now (The previous ones had 3). Then, you get 3 of my newly launched Age Optimized System (AOS) training programs (video instruction included!) and 12 weeks of group coaching calls will start in January.

2020 will be your best year ever! Don’t miss this one.

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Skip La Cour
Workouts For Older Men
Age Optimization System creator
57 years old
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1509532675 12 Week Fitness Transformation Journey For Older Men Questionnaire

Here’s what men who have gone through my 12-Week Fitness Transformation Journey for older men have to say about their experience :

“For me, these three hours of one-on-one coaching calls with Skip La Cour have been one of the most positive experience I’ve ever had. During these three hours, he has influenced me. He’s helped me think positively again. He left me with the belief that, even at this age, we can achieve whatever we want physically or mentally. I can tell you this already, I’m ready for this journey with him and cannot wait to start learning all of the things he is willing to share with us so we can meet our goals.”

Vicente Lara
Age 56
Sunrise, FL

“I have recently started to be coached by Skip for the 12-Week Fitness Transformation Journey. I have had three sessions one-on-one sessions with him to date planning my goals and exercise regime. I am extremely impressed by his knowledge and professionalism which has assisted me immensely on my journey to fitness and good health. My friends and relatives have commented on my impressive results even in this early stage. This only reinforces what I was already seeing myself. I would recommend Skip to anyone who is serious about good results.”

Steve Havili
Age 65
Biloela, Queensland

“The three hours of coaching with Skip was just what I needed! He helped me cut through the ‘smoke and mirrors’ and gain clarity on what to focus my time, energy, and efforts on. I’m truly grateful for Skip’s experience and willingness to help men like me to uncover a more direct route to the results that I’m after.”

Nate McCray
Age 34
Atlanta, GA

“Skip is a very insightful life coach. The 3 one-hour sessions helped to guide me in a recent job interview and in decisions concerning the next phase of my career. I highly recommend him for guidance on fitness, influence and decision making.”

Dominic Napolitano
Age 60
Suwanne, GA

“I first heard of Skip when I was a young 14-year old boy walking into my first supplement store. I saw a life sized cut out of Skip and began my journey of building my physique. It wasn’t until after the competitive wins, family and business that I realized I needed help putting everything together and that’s where’s Skip was able to help me the most. It wasn’t the sets, the reps or the diet….it was working out the things in my mind from stopping me from achieving my fullest potential and being happy in my own skin in all areas of my life not just fitness.”

Sergio Taranto
Age 35
Melbourne, VIC