There’s No Need For Ineffective “Qualifying Statements”


Simply Make Your Point with Confidence

stand Theres No Need for Ineffective Qualifying StatementsBy Skip La Cour
Creator of the MANformation® Personal Development Program for Men

“Qualifying Statements” are safe buffers people say before the REAL point they want to make.“I know you might not agree with me on this but…..” and “Now, I know you are going to think this is crazy but….” are examples of qualifying statements.

A strong Alpha male leader never offers qualifying statements before making his point anticipating resistance or disapproval. He confidently speaks his mind and just assumes what he says will be met with approval.

Just say what you want to say. Qualifying statements will not produce the outcome you want–no matter how noble your intentions may be. They only weaken your position, make you appear uncertain, and open the door to resistance from the person or people you are talking to. If they don’t agree with you point of view–so be it.

If you THINK it–you must DO it!

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