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If you truly want to be GREAT at something in life, you must absolutely LOVE what you do. You can’t just like it a lot. Even if you like what you are doing more than anything else you are currently doing, that will not be enough EMOTION to make you GREAT. You simply won’t have enough PASSION to work past all your challenges and make it over to the other side. If you’re lucky, you may eventually become very good but you’ll never become GREAT. Find a way to truly LOVE what you do–or move onto to something else.




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Skip La Cour

At the height of his bodybuilding career, he was the most recognized and accomplished drug-free bodybuilder in the world. His articles have been published in over 20 countries and translated into many different languages. He owns and operates Skip La Cour’s Mass Machine Nutrition, his high-quality sports nutrition and health supplement company. Through this website, Skip La Cour outlines the most effective and most efficient bodybuilding, training, fitness and motivational strategies for men striving to build muscle and lose body fat in the shortest period of time.

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