How Do The “Haters” Impact Your Way Of Thinking And Taking Action?


hatersI read a lot of posts on the different social media outlets these days from people sharing their views on the “haters” in their life.

Here’s one of the many urban dictionary definitions for the word “hater”:

A person that simply cannot be happy for another person’s success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person.

Many people give a lot of focus and attention to the people they perceive don’t think like them or what they do—and turn that “hate” into their own personal power and drive. They use all that “hate” as a source of motivation.

Whatever works for a person works, right? That’s all that really matters in the end.

Coming from guy who has had his fair share of haters over the years, I never gave them so much power.

I’ve always felt that most of your motivation to excel to higher and higher levels simply must come from within. I either believe in myself, what I’m all about, and what I’m doing—or I don’t.

A hater isn’t going to make me dig deeper during the tough times. At the same time, someone who loves what I do really isn’t going to make me do something I’m really not motivated to do.

I believe focusing on that kind of negativity can only work for so long. And, who really wants to devote so much energy to other people’s negative opinions? You get what you focus on in life. Your perception of the world becomes your reality. It always seemed like a “dark place” to consistently think about to me.

You don’t need the approval of everyone in the world, you know. In fact, it’s really impossible for that to happen when you stick your neck out and put yourself out there to be judged.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion—and that’s just not some trite saying. I truly believe that.

Even YOU are entitled to your own opinion, would you agree?

Play along with me for a moment.

Think about someone who is really successful that YOU absolutely HATE.

I mean you really can’t stand them!

This is someone who you hate–but it seems as though everyone else for reasons that you simply can’t understand, seems to LOVE!

You don’t get it.

This person who you are thinking of is considered pretty damn successful at what he or she does and has legions of raving fans all over the world.

You’re certainly are not one of them, of course . . . but this person does has TONS of people who love and respect what he or she does.

Do you have someone in mind?

Now, are you sure you’ve picked the “right” person? This is important.

Is this person REALLY successful enjoying fame, admiration, accomplishments, money, and tremendous opportunities that not many people have?

If not, you must think of someone else.

Now do you have someone better in mind?


Now, answer this question . . .

Should this person you have in mind spend an ounce of his or her time and energy wondering what the hell little ol’ YOU thinks?

Should that person lose a minute of sleep at night because important ol’ YOU hate them and you can’t stand what he or she does?

Should that person abandon their dreams, shut the hell up, and drastically change their approach to something more suitable that little ol’ you would approve of?

Should that person give up their fame, play down their accomplishments, and stop generating whatever money he or she is making “doin’ their thing” and go get a real job that’s more in line with your way of thinking?

Of course not.

That would be stupid. No offense but your opinion isn’t worth he or she worrying about, is it? It doesn’t mean anything in the big picture of his or her life, does it?

Wouldn’t it be a better investment of that person’s time and energy to focus on the people who LOVE them, what they do, and take whatever it is they are now doing to higher and higher levels of excellence?

I feel these actual urban dictionary definitions for the “hater” that I pulled off the internet are much more empowering ways to view them:

Overused word that people like to use just because someone else expresses a dislike for a certain individual.

and . . .

Anyone with an opinion.

So, stop worrying about the haters. If people find value in what you are doing, keep doing it. Focus on them–not the haters. Get better and better at what you are doing to provide more amazing value for those people who already love you. Get more people who are just like THEM on your bandwagon—because you know there are many more people just like them.

And, it really does NOT matter if you have only five people who love you–and 100 people who absolutely hate you if you really believe in what you do, are certain that you are providing value to others, and enjoy doing it (Well, most of the time. Not very many people enjoy every single facet of what they do all of the time.)

Focus on the five people who love you.

Now, if you don’t have ANY people who like what you do and only haters–then you may want to change your approach.

Enough said.

Live your friggin’ DREAM, Mass Machine!

Train Hard. Think Big.

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