Flat Barbell Bench Press Training Tips

The key to next level training with the flat barbell bench press is finding the right angle for your arms. The right angle to really engage your chest and feeling that ideal engagement is going to be different for everyone. This is something you will need to focus on and figure out yourself. But you can’t do that if you aren’t aware of just how important this is.

When you place your hands on the bar preparing for the bench press pay attention to your elbows. Are they tucked right against your body or are they flaring out at a wide angle? The answer is probably somewhere between the two. Really focus on your chest and adjust the angle of your arms until you can feel it in your chest. There is no set answer on angle; it will be different for everyone. However, you do have to find that right angle in order to get real results in the chest.

Another next level tip for the flat barbell bench press is that you shouldn’t be moving the bar straight up and down. Now, I know it looks like that what the most experienced, accomplished, and knowledge guys in the gym are doing but take a closer look. The movement should have a slight “banana shaped” arc to it so the bar is closer to your chin at the top of the movement than it is when you start.

You feel the much more stimulation in your chest this way. This should be a very slight arc, maybe an inch or so is all from the bottom to the top of the movement. Practice that and you’ll know you have the arc right when you start feeling it in your chest.

Remember to control the weight on the way down.

Age Optimization System for Older Men

If you’re serious about getting fit, my Age Optimization System 12-week one-on-one coaching experience may be exactly what you need. Spots are reserved for the most committed older men. Read all about it below. Fill out the questionnaire.

Age Optimization System for Older Men
My exclusive Age Optimization System is an intense 12-week private, one-on-one coaching experience.

I outline the specific steps to optimal health, fitness, and longevity for older men that’s simple, effective, and sustainable with your busy, productive life.

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You’ll know exactly what to do with your workouts and eating and exactly why you’re doing what you do.

And I know that, if you haven’t been working out all that long, that may seem like a crazy promise right now–especially if you’re smart, hardworking, accomplished with your business career, family, and other areas of life–but building muscle and losing stubborn body fat seems so complicated when watching the videos on the internet.

Week by week and hour by hour, we work together and I break it down for you step by step.

By the time we’re done, you’ll have this fitness lifestyle stuff down for the rest of your life. No more confusion. It will then be just a matter of doing it. You’ll have that sense of complete control that’s needed for success in any area of life.

It’s very important that you understand who this program is for and who is is not for.

This is for men who are:

✔ A little bit older.

✔ You’ve been dedicated to your fitness. (Or, when you get into something, important you get into it 100% and that’s what you’re planning to do with you fitness.)

✔ You already look much better than the other men your age. (Or, because you are now committed and you do everything 100% you’ll be there soon.)

✔ You live a busy and productive life.

✔ You’ve already earned success in other important areas of your life like with your family and business and you now demand that same level of success with your body and fitness—and you want it now.

✔ It’s extremely important that you keep your successful overall quality of life intact while you are mastering your fitness.

✔ You’re not satisfied with your results.

✔ You’re worn out from taking in all of the confusing, conflicting, and seemingly overcomplicated fitness advice from the extremely passionate and much younger fitness experts on the internet.

I know that you’re just trying to lose that extra weight and get healthier. You don’t want to be a bodybuilder or fitness personality. The idea of getting in the top 5% bodies among older men may seem absolutely crazy to you.

But, I have lots of men going through my coaching programs who get within the top 20% among older men in a matter of months. The men who come to me already in the top 20% among men their age are on the path to get to that top 5% within months.

So, I want to invite you to maybe just stretch your limits of what you think is possible.

Let me be perfectly clear.

I think it should be obvious by now but this is definitely not some crash course, short term build muscle and lose fat fast gimmick. This is not some “do nothing, get fit” promise.

The stuff that I’m going to share with you is going to massively simplify your work toward your fitness goals, don’t get me wrong. But it does take work. It takes a lot of work.

And you also have to have really, really high standards. So, that means this is not for men who are “sort of” committed. If you are not committed to making lasting change, I can’t help you.

The results you get will be up to you.

If this sounds like a program that you’re ready for and will greatly benefit from, fill out the questionnaire below. I will contact you within 24 hours and set up some time to talk.

Skip La Cour
Workouts For Older Men
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    At 61 years old, Skip La Cour is the world’s #1 authority for Workouts for Older Men, Longevity for Older Men, and Personal Development for Older Men. La Cour helps older men like you get in shape. He is the creator of the Age Optimization System and a six-time national champion drug-free bodybuilder. He helps men who are a little older become their best both inside AND outside of the gym. Feel free to email Skip at any time at [email protected] with your questions and comments. Or, call (925)352-4366.

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