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Are you looking for a training routine or set of exercises that will improve the shape of certain stubborn body parts? Maybe you want a better peak on your biceps, a fuller upper chest, rounder shoulders, or better shaped calves.

In this video, I tell you what you can and can’t do to change the shape of your muscles when you are older.


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When “better than most men your age” just isn’t good enough for you, you’ll one-on-one private coaching with me. Learn more here.


There’s A PERFECTLY Priced Package For YOU.
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Join My 12-Week Fitness Transformation Journey For Older Men With Busy, Productive Lives.

The Private, One-On-One Attention You Need PLUS A 12-Week Group Coaching Experience

✔️ The Private, One-On-One Attention You Need PLUS A 12-Week Group Coaching Experience.

✔️ Detailed and Specific Workouts For Older Men Age Optimization System (AOS) Training Routines.

✔️ 12 Weeks Of Accountability To A Coach And With Men Just Like You Stepping Up To The Challenge.

✔️ There’s A PERFECTLY Priced Package For YOU. (We’ll figure that out at on our no obligation, 10-minute phone call after you submit the questionnaire below.)

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✔️ Fill out the questionnaire below.

“After losing 30 pounds of fat and being older, I was concerned about loss of muscle. I needed guidance from a professional since I felt let down by my gym trainer. I came upon Skip’s 12-Week Fitness Transformation Journey for older men. After having 3 one-on-one sessions with Skip, he was able to clearly and concisely guide me through goal setting, a training program, and nutrition guidelines. I couldn’t be happier as I feel focused and headed in the right direction. There is no way you can go wrong here with a national champion and with over 30 years of experience. Thanks Skip. I’m looking forward to the next phase of this transformation process.”

Dennis Jasinski
Age 59
Kennesaw, GA

Read what the men just like you have to say about their 12-Week Fitness Transformation Journey experience below (at the bottom of this page).

Here’s everything you’ll get and experience:

✔️ Eight (8) One-On-One, Weekly Private 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions With Me Over The Phone

✔️ Your Private Coaching Sessions Will Start Right Away

✔️ Each Coaching Session Is One Hour In Length

✔️ Each Coaching Is Recorded So You’ll Continue To Learn From Your Private Coaching mp3 Audio Files Forever.

✔️ Private 1-on-1 Coaching Session Week #2 – Training and Creating Your Specific Training Routine – Age Optimization System Outlined

✔️ Private 1-on-1 Coaching Session Week #3 – Nutrition and Creating Your Specific Diet

(Sessions 4 to 8 if needed)

✔️ Age Optimized Workouts With Complete Video Demonstrations And Instructions – Are your current workouts age optimized now that you’re older? They will be after our time together. I’ll guide you through three (3) different Workouts For Older Men Age Optimization System (AOS) workouts over our 12 weeks together. You’ll be assigned a different AOS workout every three weeks. You’ll be able to use these workouts for months and even years in the future.

✔️ Weekly Group Coaching Calls – You’ll join driven men just like you on a conference line. We’ll do this once a week and every week for 12 consecutive weeks. Each group coaching session addresses a different topic. There will be a group question and answers session at each week’s group call. You’ll get a recording of all 12 group coaching sessions so you’ll continue to learn from them forever.

✔️ Weekly Review And Assessment – At the end of every week, you’ll fill out and submit to me this thought-provoking review and assessment form. You’ll also send me weekly pictures of your progress. Your total immersion and commitment in this process will make your transformation last for the rest of your life.

✔️ In addition, you and I will talk privately on the phone for 10 to 20 minutes every week. We’ll connect all 12 weeks. I’m going to make you accountable because that’s what you’ll need to create real, lasting change. Whatever it takes! I’m committed to helping you get the outcome you want.

✔️ Space is limited. Submit the questionnaire at the bottom of this page now and set up your time to talk to me about it. We’ll decide which perfectly priced package fits your needs during our 10 or 15 minutes together.

There’s A PERFECTLY Priced Package For YOU.
Fill Out The Questionnaire Below. Set Up 10 Minutes To Talk With Me About Your Situation.

Questions? Call or text me at (925)352-4366

“This incredible opportunity Skip provides is a MUST for anyone wanting to not only improve their overall physique and health but, more importantly to emphasize clarity around what motivates you and how your own personal passion will drive results. His 3 hours of one-on-one sessions serve to build the critical foundation for your journey and so much more!”

Keith Davis
Age 49
Cedar Park, TX

Weekly Group Coaching Call Topics

#1 – Nutrition For Older Men:
Nutrition: Breaking It Down And Putting It Back Together Again

#2 – Training For Older Men:
The Organizing Principles That Make Any Training Program Work

#3 – Winning Mindset and Habits For Older Men:
Effective Systems Are What Men Our Age Need Most

#4 – Training For Older Men:
How Much Muscle Can You Expect To Gain At This Age?

#5 – Training For Older Men:
How To Create A Sustainable Training System That Works

#6 – Winning Mindset and Habits For Older Men:
How To Know When You Are Making Progress (And When You Are Not)

#7 – Nutrition For Older Men:
How To Eat To Get Into The Top 5% Of Fit Older Man Group

#8 – Winning Mindset and Habits For Older Men:
How To Get Back On Track Step By Step

#9 – Winning Mindset and Habits For Older Men:
The Top 10 LIES Older Men Are Told About Fitness

#10 – Training, Nutrition, Winning Mindset and Habits For Older Men:
Specific Fitness Problems Older Men Face And Their Solutions

#11 – Training, Nutrition, Winning Mindset and Habits For Older Men:
The Solutions To The Most Common Fitness Challenges That Older Men Face

#12 – Winning Mindset and Habits For Older Men:
The Rituals, Habits, And Thinking Patterns Of The Fittest Older Men


The “80- 20 Rule” is one of the most helpful concepts for life and time management. Also known as the Pareto Principle, this rule suggests that 20 percent of your activities will account for 80 percent of your results.

This is true in fitness and your pursuit of a better body now that you’re a little older.

Metaphorically speaking, there are “100” different fitness strategies that are being thrown at you by the passionate, younger fitness experts from every direction. Only “20” of them are truly important. Knowing and, most importantly, executing those most important “20” things will produce at least 80 percent of the results you want. I actually believe they will be more than enough for you to look and feel great at this age, even with your high standards and expectations.

But which “20” are the most important strategies that you should focus on? Which are the “80” that sound great, seem to make sense, and are generally accepted to be true by most average men training in the gym these days?

Well, it’s going to be different for everyone based on their beliefs, interpretations of what’s been taught to them, and what they’ve experienced in the past. My job, as your coach, is to help you figure out what your own, personal “20” are.

In the fitness world, it seems as though the younger, passionate fitness experts (and even the ones who aren’t all that young) make everything complicated. Maybe they believe fitness strategies have to be complicated in order to be effective? Could be. Maybe they believe that’s what you believe so that’s why they’re presented that way? Perhaps. Maybe they believe that using big words make them appear to be smarter? Who knows?

My goal is to help you get RESULTS. I’ve won enough trophies. After 30 + years, I know that you know that I know what I’m talking about. I’ve been complimented enough about the way my body looks. I’ve had enough pats on the back.

In this fitness world filled with confusing, frustrating, and overwhelming strategies that come at you from every direction, I am “The Great Simplifier.”

I make things as simple and effective for you as possible.

I want to help you earn the physical body and the level of health that you want using the least amount of willpower, focus, energy, and time as humanly possible.

Of course, you’ll earn the body you really want through effective work habits. But, I don’t want you to waste any of those precious and limited resources of willpower, focus, energy, and time.

Not even to do a Google search figuring what some big word I used means when I could have used a simple one.

Skip La Cour
“The Great Simplifier”
Workouts For Older Men
Age Optimization Systems (AOS) Creator


At 61 years old, Skip La Cour helps older men get in shape. He is the creator of the Age Optimization System, a six-time national champion drug-free bodybuilder, and the world’s leading MANformation expert specializing in personal development for older men. He helps men who are a little older become their best both inside AND outside of the gym.

La Cour helps older men with busy, productive lives make sense out of all the extreme and oftentimes conflicting fitness information. He helps older men with busy, productive lives use their willpower, focus, energy, and time efficiently to reach their fitness and overall life goals with the most effective, age-appropriate systems and strategies.

Go here to learn more about Skip La Cour.

Your EIGHT Private, Weekly One-On-One Coaching Sessions With Me Start Immediately
And Our Group Coaching Calls Start February 29, 2020

“Speaking to Skip opened my eyes to so many reasons for doing my 12-week transformation. It starts with me, spirit, health and my children and grandchildren. Feeling good starts with what you see in the mirror. The reflection of your life is deeper than that. So looking forward, although I personally started this journey weeks ago, I’m ready for my new start.”

Robb Sanchez
Age 58
Denver, CO

There’s A PERFECTLY Priced Package For YOU.
Fill Out The Questionnaire Below. Set Up 10 Minutes To Talk With Me About Your Situation.

If You Have Any Interest At All, Take The Time
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    What do you most want to change today?

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    What have you attempted in the past that didn't work?

    Why do you think it didn't work?

    On a scale of 0-10, how important is it for you to achieve change today?

    Do you currently work out in a commercial gym? If not, what are you doing for exercise?

    What other areas of your life do you want to change (if any)?

    What's the #1 BENEFIT you think you'll get from my knowledge, guidance, and personal attention?

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    Are you interested but have questions about this program? Feel free to call me at (925)352-4366. I’ll be happy to tell you all about it and see if it’s a good fit for you. To learn more about me, go here.

    ✔️ Fill out the questionnaire.

    ✔️ That’s how you’ll start this process.

    ✔️ I’ll contacted you personally through a text, phone call, and/or email the next steps we’ll take together. (Probably all three to efficiently set up our time to talk.)

    Here’s what men who have gone through my 12-Week Fitness Transformation Journey for older men have to say about their experience :

    “For me, these three hours of one-on-one coaching calls with Skip La Cour have been one of the most positive experience I’ve ever had. During these three hours, he has influenced me. He’s helped me think positively again. He left me with the belief that, even at this age, we can achieve whatever we want physically or mentally. I can tell you this already, I’m ready for this journey with him and cannot wait to start learning all of the things he is willing to share with us so we can meet our goals.”

    Vicente Lara
    Age 56
    Sunrise, FL

    “I have recently started to be coached by Skip for the 12-Week Fitness Transformation Journey. I have had three sessions one-on-one sessions with him to date planning my goals and exercise regime. I am extremely impressed by his knowledge and professionalism which has assisted me immensely on my journey to fitness and good health. My friends and relatives have commented on my impressive results even in this early stage. This only reinforces what I was already seeing myself. I would recommend Skip to anyone who is serious about good results.”

    Steve Havili
    Age 65
    Biloela, Queensland

    “The three hours of coaching with Skip was just what I needed! He helped me cut through the ‘smoke and mirrors’ and gain clarity on what to focus my time, energy, and efforts on. I’m truly grateful for Skip’s experience and willingness to help men like me to uncover a more direct route to the results that I’m after.”

    Nate McCray
    Age 34
    Atlanta, GA

    “Skip is a very insightful life coach. The 3 one-hour sessions helped to guide me in a recent job interview and in decisions concerning the next phase of my career. I highly recommend him for guidance on fitness, influence and decision making.”

    Dominic Napolitano
    Age 60
    Suwanne, GA

    “I first heard of Skip when I was a young 14-year old boy walking into my first supplement store. I saw a life sized cut out of Skip and began my journey of building my physique. It wasn’t until after the competitive wins, family and business that I realized I needed help putting everything together and that’s where’s Skip was able to help me the most. It wasn’t the sets, the reps or the diet….it was working out the things in my mind from stopping me from achieving my fullest potential and being happy in my own skin in all areas of my life not just fitness.”

    Sergio Taranto
    Age 35
    Melbourne, VIC

    If you already filled out this questionnaire above, you don’t need to fill it out again here.

    Questions? Call or text me at (925)352-4366


    At 61 years old, Skip La Cour is the world’s #1 authority for Workouts for Older Men, Longevity for Older Men, and Personal Development for Older Men. La Cour helps older men like you get in shape. He is the creator of the Age Optimization System and a six-time national champion drug-free bodybuilder. He helps men who are a little older become their best both inside AND outside of the gym. Feel free to email Skip at any time at [email protected] with your questions and comments. Or, call (925)352-4366.

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