Relationship Advice For Bodybuilders And Hardcore Lifters You Won’t Hear Anywhere Else


Do you think it’s really difficult to find a woman who supports your dedicated bodybuilding lifestyle?

In this video, I share some of the toughest life lessons I’ve learned about relationships. This insight didn’t come only from my personal experiences. It also comes from the ones I’ve observed of many men dedicated to the bodybuilding lifestyle just like you and me for almost 30 years.

I know what you’re thinking.

“Relationship advice from a former champion bodybuilder? What the heck can he possibly know about relationships that I need to know?”

I get it.

Although I’m reluctant, I explain why it’s so important for me to offer you my hard-earned perspective during this week’s MANformation podcast.

It doesn’t matter if you’re single or in a long-term relationship, you’ll benefit from some of the lessons that I’ve learned.

I’ve learned a lot through my thousands of intense, one-on-one coaching hours with dozens of men over the years. I’ve learned that the challenges that I’ve worked through are common among men who have a passion for the fitness lifestyle. These challenges are also common among men who have earned advanced educational degrees, military excellence, and a deep connection to their creator. I’ve even worked with men who have all five of these characteristics going for them. During this week’s podcast, I’ll explain what makes some relationship challenges common among men like us.

If you’ve already discovered that you’re a lot like me in other areas of life, you want a deeper, more connected relationship, and you just can’t seem to figure things out, I encourage you to at least entertain what I have to say during this podcast.

It took me a long time to figure out what I share with you. It was a long, hard road. I would have avoided a lot of suffering if I would have had a “big brother” who told me the things I’m telling you.

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Click here to listen to the MANformation podcast, Relationship “Secrets” For Men From A Reluctant Relationship “Expert.”


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