When Should I Take A Break From Working Out When I’m Older?


When Should I Take A Break From Working Out When I’m Older?

You’re committed to taking your health and fitness to a higher level. At this stage of your life, there’s no other option for you. Putting a high priority on your training and eating is something you must do.

You’re hardworking. You’re determined. But is it possible for you to over do it? Is it possible for you to overtrain and actually set your progress back?

When you don’t feel like working out, should you just push through that feeling? When you’re in a productive groove and a flowing pattern, might it be better just to keep your momentum going?

Taking time off from training can be a real challenge when you’re committed. Even though you know you should take time out of the gym from time to time, you just can’t seem to do it. And, even when you do, you feel uncomfortable about it.

Maybe your challenge is taking too much time out of the gym. Life gets in the way and you just can’t get into a good pattern.

A simple question like, “When should I take a break from working out?” seems to lead to so much confusion and other followup questions.

When should I take a break from lifting? When do you take a break from working out? How often should I take a break from working out? How long should I take a break from working out? Should I take a break from working out? When you take a break from working out? Should you take a break from working out when sore? Should I take a week from working out if I’m sore? When to take a break from training? Am I overtraining? What’s the typical rest week bodybuilding? What’s a deload week? What about muscle sorness recovery or any muscle soreness at all? They’re endless.

In this video, I talk about the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of taking scheduled time out of the gym. I tell you how much time to take off and when you should schedule it. I also tell you how to approach your training during those first couple of weeks back.

When you’re a little older and have a busy, productive life and want to know “When should I take a break from working out?”, you’ll get an answer that is specifically designed for you and your lifestyle in this video and a lot more.


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I Want To Welcome You

If you’ve been watching my videos and reading my blog posts for awhile, I want to welcome you once again.

I want to welcome you into our special group of men who are a little older and want to take their fitness to higher levels. Whether this is the first time in your life you’ve been this committed to your health or you were when you were younger, it doesn’t matter. I’m glad we’ve made this connection. I look forward to helping you more.

This is what I’m hearing from men just like you again and again. I wonder if this is your experience too.

✔️ You like the fact that I’m older like you are. You like getting your fitness information from a man your age with a busy life, just like you. You can relate to me so much more than the much younger fitness experts.

✔️ You like my no B.S. style of explaining things. You appreciate that I don’t make things overly complicated and don’t use unnecessary “technical” words when I teach you what you need to learn in my videos.

✔️ You’re impressed by what I look like at my age. Thank you very much for the compliments about the way I look at 56 years old. You appreciate what it must have taken me to become a champion drug-free bodybuilder, but I’ve given you some hope that YOU too can be better even though you’re a little older.

✔️ You get the sense that I understand you. I understand what you’re going through at this stage of your life. That’s because I’m going through much of what you’re going through in my life too. That’s something that the younger fitness guys simply won’t understand until they lived as much of life as we have. We can’t sustain their extreme habits. We can’t train like they can.

✔️ You like how I respect your life and goals outside of the gym too. You appreciate that I’m just as concerned about your overall quality of life and happiness as your physical body. I have over 36 years of total immersion into personal development and understanding why we as people do the things we do. I’d be falling short if I didn’t incorporate this important aspect of the process.

I currently have hundreds and hundreds of men go through the process of getting to know me like you’re doing now in just the last few months. They’ve filled out the questionnaires. We’ve even talked on the phone.

Many of them took immediate action. The men who were totally committed signed up for private, one-on-one coaching sessions with me. Some men signed up after knowing me for a few months. Some did it for 12 weeks. Some, for three or four sessions. Everyone has their process. I have packages for everyone’s needs and budgets.

If you’re committed to taking charge of your health and fitness and don’t want to put it off any longer, I want to make it easier for you to get the information you need.
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