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How To Build Muscle

So, you’re a little older now and want to know how to build muscle. You want to know how to build muscle fast. You want to know how to build muscle within the context of your demanding lifestyle. You want to know how a man your age needs to approach his training.

In this video, I tell you how to build MUSCLE effectively and efficiently. I tell you five things you need to understand when you are trying to figure out how to build muscle now that you’re a little older.

How To Build Muscle: Step By Step

1. Progressive Overload is what you’re after when you’re working to build muscle. You must continually strive to take every facet of your weight training to higher and higher levels.

2. Mind-Muscle connection is your #1 priority. You must strive to make sure the muscle you’re targeting is doing the vast majority of the work.

3. How much weight you lift is an important part of the muscle building process too. Strive to lift more weight properly. Always make sure this comes after good form, feel, execution, and mind-muscle connection. Always be safe.

4. Focus more on the total volume of work you’ll do during your workout than the sets and exercises. Whatever amount of volume and the total number of sets and exercises you choose, make sure you do it with as much intensity as possible. It’s not necessarily how much you do, it’s how effectively you do it.

5. The number of reps you do per set to build muscle don’t matter as much as how you perform those reps.

6. To build muscle, rest as long as you need to between sets. Get as close to 100 percent of your strength back without losing your focus, flow, and momentum.

7. Be sure to support your efforts in the gym with good eating habits. You won’t see all the muscle you’re building if it is covered up by too much body fat.


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