How To Get In Shape When You Are Older – How The 80 – 20 Rule Helps Older Men Get In Shape


So, you’re rather new to training despite your age and want to know how to get in shape when you are older.

Many men just like you want to know “How to get in shape?” and are constantly reminded of how hard it is going to be. They’re constantly told all of the things their body can no longer do.

Getting in shape when you’re older will certainly be more challenging than if you were younger putting in the same amount of focus and effort.

How does an older man workout in a gym? Are there special workouts for older men when they are trying to get in shape?

Many men are wondering “How to get in shape when you are older?”

No matter how challenging it may be to get in shape when you’re older compared to when you were younger, there is always a way to do so. There’s always a “code to crack.” You just have to know what the most important strategies are that will make the biggest impact. And, you have to know which strategies aren’t as important as they might appear.

During this video, I talk about the “Pareto Principle” (80 – 20 Rule) and how it can help you take your body and entire life to higher levels.

There are a lot of workout strategies freely given here on YouTube. Many that are offered are very good and can help a person. The biggest challenge is NOT the strategies.

It’s the MINDSET of the person who is interpreting and executing them.

It’s something that they’ll realize later on with time and experience–but only if they don’t get too confused and quit. Unfortunately, many people do. Again, many of the strategies could work well. That’s why I took a lot of time to explain this “mindset concept” before someone just Google searches “workouts for older men,” prints out a training routine, and then fails miserably with no clue as to why.

The time that a man invests watching this video now will save him a massive amount of confusion, frustration, and time in the future.


I want to talk to YOU for 10 to 15 minutes absolutely free if you’re:

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✔️ An OLDER MAN who has always wanted to enter a bodybuilding contest but just hasn’t been able to muster up the courage and feel confident.

✔️ An OLDER MAN working out in a commercial gym for the first time and feels a little uncomfortable in the new environment. Or, you being uncomfortable is preventing you from even joining the gym.


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