Why You Shouldn’t Become Overly Concerned With How “Big” You Are


More Size Does Not Always Create a Better Physique

Probably one of the most difficult lessons that a bodybuilder must learn is that more size doesn’t necessarily equate to a better physique.

Do you ever see men who wear those ill-fitting, flamboyant toupees? Or even worse, do you ever notice those men who sport the “comb-over” hairstyles to hide the fact they are balding? How can you not notice them, right? What the heck are they thinking? Who do they think they are fooling? Does anyone, beside themselves, think those attempts to cover up the baldness looks flattering? Why doesn’t anyone tell them how terrible their hairstyles look? It reminds me of the old fable, “The Emperor with No Clothes” that you probably read as a child.

Well, that’s how a lot of “big” bodybuilders look. Instead of looking huge, powerful, and healthy, they look big, fat, and sloppy. They confuse being “big” with having quality size in the form of dense muscle mass. These misguided people get overly concerned with how much they weigh and neglect the fact that they are ruining their aesthetic appeal.

Bodybuilding is like sculpting a beautiful statue—or at least it should be in my opinion. Just because you have the ability to carry more size doesn’t mean you will look your absolute best. Because many of us start training with weights because we want to get bigger, it’s a difficult lesson to realize. Just like the “Emperor with No Clothes,” the perception we have of ourselves becomes a little fuzzy. When it comes to our own physique, we may not see what others see.

You must realize that oftentimes when you shed that extra 10 pounds of body fat, you will appear 20 pounds larger. This illusion has been demonstrated to me on many occasions in the past. When I begin dieting for a contest and lose my first 5 to 10 pounds of body fat, it’s not uncommon for people to approach me and say “Man! You are getting huge all of a sudden!” I’ve even heard (secondhand, of course) that some guys think I must have started “taking something” because I got so big so fast. That’s how dramatic of an illusion “quality” size can create on your physique.

Take Action and Do this NOW

Don’t become overly concerned with how “big” you are because more size does not always create a better physique. Lean, quality muscle can give you an illusion of size. This is far more impressive than size created by a disproportionate amount of body fat.

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