How To Get People Totally FIRED UP About Helping You Get What You Want In Life


You Must Understand and Appreciate the Massively Important Roles of Influence and Persuasion Play In Your MANformation

The Alpha male leader understands that he can only accomplish so much in this world without the help of other people. It doesn’t matter how hardworking and intelligent he may be, he knows that he needs the support of other people in his pursuit of the best experiences and things in life.

There are countless numbers of hardworking, intelligent Beta Males and less-dominant men who struggle because they haven’t yet figured out this critical and distinct step toward life success. These misguided men take pride in being “loners” who make it their mission in life not to depend on anyone else for anything. They mistake this weakness for strength.

In order to make your MANformation into a powerful, successful, and charismatic leader quickly and effectively, you must learn the skills of influence and persuasion. You must become a “people person” if you want to take the quality of your life to the next level.

The powerful men who get what they really want in life understand that everything ultimately comes from other people. It will be your ability to influence and persuade other people to help you that will determine if you get the opportunity to enjoy better relationships with the most amazing people, live more exciting and fulfilling experiences, earn more money, and be presented with the best deals.

Options are all of the things in life that you really want. They are not the things you settle for in life (whether you realize it or not). Options can be material things, experiences, feelings, or emotions. Your goal should be to have access to as many of the best options in life as humanly possible. You do not necessarily have to exercise all the options available to you. You just want to be in a position to have the choice—and not just hope it magically comes your way someday.

You deserve everything you are currently getting in life—and you do not deserve everything in life you are currently not getting (at least, not yet). It’s that plain and simple. If you want more, start working on your influence and persuasion skills.

The Alpha male leader takes 100 percent responsibility for his success and failure. Do not blame other people if they do not give you the respect or options that you “think” you deserve. Just like the Alpha male leader, you must take 100 percent responsibility for the way other people are currently treating you. Start taking 100 percent responsibility for what you are and are not getting in this world.

Here’s what you must do to influence and persuade other people to help you get what you want:

1. Get other people to trust you, respect you, and see you as an expert. First, work hard on becoming the best version of you. That will give other people legitimate reasons to follow your lead. Actually become the person who other people trust, respect, and see as an expert. It takes time, focus, dedication, practice, and exercise—so get to work on improving yourself now!

2. Have congruent, matching body language and voice qualities that demonstrate to other people that they should trust you, respect you, and see you as an expert. Powerful body language and confident voice qualities is are extremely important “sales tools” to influence other people and let them know you are outstanding at what you do. Work on it. There are many extremely competent men in this world—but you’d never know it. These men fail present their physical body and use their voice in ways that communicate they are indeed competent to the people around them.

3. Be confident about what you say and do—and other people will “buy into” your frame or reality. People want to be led by confident leaders. The world is desperately looking for leaders. They are waiting for you to step and lead them. Right or wrong, confidence is sometimes more important than competence to other people (whether they realize it or not).

4. If you are not as confident as you should be, then you must learn to “fake it until you make it.” At the very least, play yourself up where you belong—and do not play yourself down. Quit being humble! Despite what you may believe how people prefer you to present yourself, playing humble is not serving you well. In my opinion, since the beginning of time leaders who have abused their power and trust have deceived the masses into believing that being humble, quiet, and to just “turning the other cheek” when someone takes advantage of you is the righteous way to be. Why would these leaders do this? So the masses of people they influence would just shut up and follow their lead without questioning them.

5. If you want to be a master of influence and persuasion, you must take responsibility for both sides of the relationship. I understand that it is sometimes difficult enough to keep yourself in line. To become an effective leader, you must become mentally and emotionally strong enough to carry both sides of every relationship you are in. Make it your goal to be that string without being taken advantage of.

6. Practice and exercise the skills of influence and persuasion. Be patient. Be persistent. The chances are great that you will not be all that awesome at the skills of influence and persuasion at first—just like you aren’t great at anything you first start doing. Don’t quit striving to get better in the event you blow it a few times. Keep on, keepin’ on, my brother!

If you THINK it–you must DO it!

Skip La Cour

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