When You Have Something To Say—Just Say It, Dammit!


When you have something to say—just say it.

Damn it.

Just say it.

If you made the decision that your thoughts and opinions are worth saying to someone, then fully commit to that decision.

“Step into it” with the appropriate voice qualities and volume.

“Step into it” with the appropriate body language.

“Step into it” coming from the right place in your heart. Many times when delivering our message, we believe we are saying things with other person’s best interest in our heart but, if we were totally honest with ourselves, it’s really “all about us.”
So, check yourself. The frame in in which you deliver your message will have a huge impact on how it is received.

Be calm.

Be poised.

Be as certain as humanly possible in that moment.

The fewer words you need to use to get your point across—the better.

Break the habit of prefacing what you have to say with qualify statements like “I know you may not like this but . . .” Just assume they will like what you have to say like an Alpha male. You’ll be surprised just how many times the other person will “buy into your frame” because you “sold” your point-of-view so effectively with congruent words, voice qualities, facial expressions, and body language. Keep in mind that this kind of influence on other people happens on a subconscious level.

When you catch yourself thinking about what the person you are talking to will think when you tell them what you think, you are NOT operating from your own “frame”—and thinking way too much!

Never deliver your message from the frame that you’ll have to work hard to “get their approval” or “convince” them of anything you have to say. The person you are speaking with will instinctively sense that weakness in you—and respond accordingly. The unfortunate thing for you is that it doesn’t matter if you are 100 percent accurate with your message. If you come across with uncertainty or a lack of conviction, whatever you say will oftentimes be greeted with doubt or resistance. Take responsibility when these situations occur and learn from them. Don’t blame the other person—blame yourself. You are the person who left that door open for doubt and resistance.

Think about what you are going to say before you say it. Be patient with yourself because it may take some time to break your existing patterns. Practice and exercise these MANformation speaking strategies until it becomes a habit that you execute without much thought.

If you THINK it–you must DO it!

Skip La Cour

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