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If you’re a little older now with a busy, productive life and looking for fitness strategies that are created specifically for you at this stage of your life, you’ve found your home.


Many of the men who stumble across my Workouts For Older Men information and inspiration “binge watch” my videos. They race over to my www.skiplacour.com website to get caught up as soon as possible. I know that, even though you’re excited, the process can be overwhelming.

Here are the videos for you to watch right away. Click the title and you will taken to the page to watch the video. Watching this short list of videos will build a strong foundation of the knowledge you need. They’ll also make the BIGGEST impact and the SHORTEST period of time.

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✔️ How To Build Muscle

✔️ How Many Exercises Per Workout?

✔️ How Many REPS PER SET Is Best For Older Men?

✔️ How Much Muscle Can You Gain When You Are Older?

✔️ The Top 10 Diet Secrets For Older Men

✔️ How To Lose Stubborn Fat

✔️ How To Get A Six Pack When You Are An Older Man


If you’re not on my special “Sense of Urgency” text group yet, get on it! Text me a picture and introduce yourself. If you have a question, ask it! 925-352-4366. WhatsApp +19253524366.


When “better than most men your age” just isn’t good enough for you, you’ll one-on-one private coaching with me. Learn more here.


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Skip La Cour

Skip La Cour helps older men with busy, productive lives make sense out of all the extreme and oftentimes conflicting fitness information. He helps them use their willpower, focus, energy, and time effectively and efficiently to reach their fitness and overall life goals. Feel free to email Skip at any time at [email protected] with your questions and comments. Or, call (925)352-4366.

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