Don’t Make These “Stupid” Mistakes! Skip La Cour Guides You With These Two FREE Ebooks

free ebooks xlarge Dont Make These Stupid Mistakes! Skip La Cour Guides You With These Two FREE Ebooks

skip Dont Make These Stupid Mistakes! Skip La Cour Guides You With These Two FREE EbooksHi. I’m Skip La Cour.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website. Your success is very important to me.

I not only have a learned a lot of things about bodybuilding and training from personal experience in over 24 years on my way to six national drug-free bodybuilding championship titles, I learned much, much more than all of that helping people just like YOU from all over the world.

I know what you need to do to succeed and know the mistakes most people make along the way that set them way back and create frustrating training and growth plateaus.

There are common mistakes that slow down the progress of even the most determined people training in the gym. You must break through these stumbling blocks to maximize your genetic potential and enjoy the bodybuilding process along the way.

In these two FREE ebooks I am giving you, will outline 10 of the common mistakes that will negatively affect your training and ultimately minimize your results and 10 of the most common mistakes that will negatively affect the mindset you need to succeed.

Are you making any of them right now? These could be some of the reason why you aren’t making the progress you REALLY want.

Avoid these pitfalls and have more productive workouts–and enjoy the entire bodybuilding process at a higher level. Overcome these challenges and start immediately packing-on muscle more effectively and efficiently. Follow these solutions and begin taking your physique to the next level now.

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Train Hard. Think Big.

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Six-Time National Bodybuilding Champion
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  • Gianluca Conte

    Hello Mr. Skip La Cour, are Gianluca Conte and I come from Italy.
    I’m a fan of yours for the great effort that demonstrates the natural bodyuilding.
    I’ve read your articulated in Iron Man Magazine, precisely on ‘”encyclopedia of bodybuilding” Italian.
    Your words have taught me a lot in boybuilding and in life, I hope one day to be a good athlete like you, greetings and good training from italy.

    • Skip La Cour

      Glad to have you here,Gianluca! Come back often.

  • Mark

    Hi looking for some advice to see if you think I should allow my 11years old boy to start lifting weights concerned that he is too young and that this will affect his growth

  • Dustin

    Absolutely love the advice posts that you post on Facebook. I have decided to check you out further. I plan to dominate the transformation challenge and don’t have the finances to pay for a trainer, so I’m taking all the help I can get! Thank you for what you do!

    Dustin (upsideofdownhil)

    • Skip La Cour

      Hi Dustin….

      Make sure you check out my MASSIVE question and answer thread on the Message Board. Feel free to ask me question there.

      Train Hard. Think Big.

      Skip La Cour

  • karan ullengal

    Hi skip la cour i am a begginer at gym.
    I am from india.
    Your tips are really very helpful and motivating.
    Keep posting more for begginers like me!

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  • Alessandro Almusura Azara
  • andre please send the content seems great

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  • River Dyoco , looks great

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